Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Low Power Desktop Precious Metal

by:Lxshow     2021-05-22

A low-power desktop-type automatic fiber laser cutting machine for precious metals, comprising a floor-standing cabinet, a landing column, a laser optical bridge and a laser cutting head. The landing column is arranged on the floor-standing cabinet; the landing column is arranged with The laser optical bridge, the laser optical bridge undergoes a continuous tube and the laser cutting head is continuous, and its characteristics are: the laser cutting head also includes an optical fiber interrupter arranged on the top of the laser cutting head, a cutting copper nozzle arranged on the bottom, and The cutting copper nozzle above the help blowing assembly. This new layout can effectively handle the difficulty of cutting precious metal sheets.

Traveling optical path CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including laser, undergoes continuous excitation baldness of fiber and laser. A movable box, the box contains two 4m×2m part-time boxes, the two part-time boxes experience two continuous plates of equal length, and the top of the part-time box remains unchanged, between the two part-time boxes To connect the inevitable gap, the part-time box is set with two workstations according to the requirements. The frame is also equipped with a motor, which is driven by the motor to move the cabinet. The frame is also equipped with a locking assembly. The cylinder is driven. When the box is moved to the response station, the locking assembly is driven by the cylinder to lock the box. It is more common to see that simple box interchange cutting can process larger plates, and the processing distance is far greater than that of ordinary machine tools.

A three-dimensional automatic fiber laser cutting machine that uses imitative imaging, including a spindle support mechanism, the torsion support mechanism undergoes continuous transmission between the bearing and the spindle support mechanism, and the controller is placed in the torsion support On the top of the mechanism, the laser power supply is placed on the top of the controller, and the laser power supply and the controller are electrically continuous, the industrial robot experiences the electrical continuity of the wire and the controller, the forearm undergoes the second torsion axis and the rear arm behavior continues, and the rear The arm undergoes the third torsion axis and the body behavior continues, the body undergoes the unchanged seat and the turntable, the laser cutter is placed at the end of the hand, the laser cutter undergoes the fiber optic cable and the laser power supply flexibility, and the spindle There is a bracket on one side of the support mechanism. The lower end of the bracket is equipped with a video head, and the upper end of the bracket is equipped with a light signal processor and an imitating imager. The light signal processor and the imitating imager are electrically continuous, and are connected to the controller light. No. continued.

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