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Laser Engraving Stainless Steel With CerMark Spray

by:Lxshow     2020-02-29
I often find myself wanting to design on metal objects.
We often see some design or logo put on the drink container above, in which case I will show you how to put the design on the metal drink container (
In this case, a tumbler)
Use a laser engraver.
One thing to note is that this spray will apply a design or logo to your beverage container in black, so if you don\'t want a black design, you may want to find another solution.
This is only useful to me.
You need some material before you start.
They are listed below. . .
Epilog fusion M2 laser (
(Or other laser sculptors)
Metal beverage container (
Non-coated metal/stainless steel)
CerMark 12 oz metal marking spray (Item #LMM6000)
Towels or cloth masks and gloves (
Personal protective equipment)
The reason you want to clean it before anything else is to make sure that no stains, fingerprints or scratches can seriously damage the appearance quality of your drinking utensils.
After cleaning it up, it\'s time to apply your spray to the drinking utensils.
You will want to make sure that the jar of the CerMark spray is shocked very well, because if you sit for a long time, it is possible that the spray will solidify in the jar.
Also, be sure to put a uniform coat on the drink you choose.
The place you spray is where you usually want the laser application to be designed.
After the spray dries onto the object (
About 20-30 minutes)
, You will be ready to load your design into the machine and start laser engraving * important tip: Be sure to wear gloves and masks when using CerMark, to ensure that you do not breathe in any potentially harmful smoke in the spray, wear gloves so that you do not absorb any harmful chemicals on your skin.
Once you spray your object and let it dry, you\'ll want to load your design into the laser engraving software.
Your design, specifications and beverage containers are different from mine.
The settings I use are for the Epilog Laser.
I have attached a document with some laser setup suggestions for Johnson Plastics Plus.
After putting the design into the laser sculptor, you can put the drinking utensils into the laser sculptor and start the process of carving the design on it.
Wait until the laser engraving is complete before pulling out your container and checking to make sure your design is detailed enough and in the right place you want.
If you don\'t apply CerMark correctly or don\'t place everything properly, you may have to start over, so it\'s always good to check after the process is done, even in the process, when your object is carved, you can see it in the laser engraver.
When you are satisfied with your design and the overall look of the drinking utensils, you will want to go to the sink and wash off the excess CerMark material with some water.
With this CerMark spray, it should fall off easily when you do it, by putting your fingers on top and water on top.
After killing, your engraving object should be finished!
When you have finished using the CerMark spray, there is a way to store it to make sure your spray doesn\'t solidify in the jar so easily, to make sure that the next time you have to use the spray, the spray will be ready for use.
You\'ll want to store the CerMark\'s jar horizontally on the shelf so that it won\'t set so easily.
After doing so, you will want to remove the cap/spray cap and store it in a small container with transgender alcohol in order to clear more CerMark from the area.
Before using it again, remember to shake the jar, especially if the CerMark spray has not been used for a long time.
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