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laser cutting technology, the deserving value - technology

by:Lxshow     2020-02-24

The laser beam has the ability to cut or carve tough objects, focusing precisely on the top layer of the material.This advanced cutting method is really valuable in the market because it is a non-Contact process, no consumables, save time, excellent results.The use, area and laser source of the machine determine the price of the machine.The core of this technology is high concentration.Speed radiation on a specific surface.Two important features of laser technology are the emission and spatial coherence of light sources.The main light sources are Co2, fiber, yag, etc.Of these Co2, Co2 is the most common and accepted source in the cutting, drilling and engraving function industries.It can be used to cut acrylic, paper, non-Metal, wood, plastic, fabric, glass, etc.Spatial coherence is the fixed phase of the electronic magnetic field that defines the beam strength.DSP control system: digital display is an important factor in improving tool availability.The introduction of fully equipped digital displays into the machine will cost more.The working area of the machine: products in different industries need different working areas.For example, small-scale footwear can easily meet their cutting or engraving requirements with a working area of 600x400mm, while people who want to work with large acrylic sheets need a working area of 900X1300mm.So this is definitely an important factor in determining the price of the machine.The mechanism of minimum energy loss: the use of a high mirror can minimize the energy loss in the process.Here, the price depends on the reflective quality of the mirror in the machine.Ventilation system: when the top layer of the material is finely extracted to produce an effect, a large amount of heat and dust will be generated in the process of cutting or engraving through radiation.This requires an appropriate ventilation system to avoid any loss due to the accumulation of heat and dust.The quality of the exhaust system is an important factor in determining the price of the machine.Linear guide rail: accuracy is the key to any laser cutting machine.Accurate results require a perfect linear guide.The laser cutting machine is not just a cutting tool.It combines a variety of technologies to provide a perfect edge for any object.Therefore, the aspect of cost calculation is proportional to these features.Therefore, the price of the laser cutting machine is a different factor depending on the customer\'s needs.
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