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laser cutting for speed, efficiency, and precision

by:Lxshow     2020-03-05
High utilization of laser cutting
A power laser beam controlled by a computer for cutting the desired shape from a metal sheet or metal plate.
The laser beam is strong enough to be used in various materials such as metals, composites, wood and plywood.
However, in most industrial and manufacturing units, lasers are used in materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Traditionally, sheet metal manufacturing is done with plasma and water jet cutting, but the laser has advantages in several ways. Today, laser-
Auxiliary cutting has become an important part of the services provided by most metal manufacturing companies.
There are several reasons for this shift.
No tool development and setup required for laserup costs.
In addition, the laser beam will not wear out like other tools. Laser-
Auxiliary cutting is a faster process compared to plasma and mechanical cutting methods, and produces parts that are bright and clean at the edges.
The power of the laser cutting machine determines the power of their laser beams and the thickness of the material they can cut.
Some of the advantages of this cutting method are: various industries need to make parts with complex contours in a short period of time.
The laser makes it easy to produce complex flat metal shapes in very large or very small volumes.
It becomes easier to make sheet metal with laser.
Waste of materials has always been a concern of the industry, laser effectively solve this problem
Auxiliary cutting technology
CNC software can be used to program parts and then nest them in the most appropriate location using a computerized process.
This ensures that the most complex parts are produced while minimizing material waste.
When it comes to the mechanical cutting process, the part rejection rate is slightly higher because some parts are damaged when touching the cutting tool.
However, in the laser
The cutting technology is enabled and there is no mechanical contact with the cut metal.
This will produce clean, undamaged parts that do not require secondary finishing operations.
Laser cutting can be effectively combined with other metal manufacturing processes (such as forming, stamping, processing, welding, etc. ) to produce complete finished parts under one roof.
This is a faster and more repeatable process compared to plasma cutting and waterjet cutting.
All of these factors will eventually give you more value for every dollar.
At this point, however, it is important to note that custom laser cutting as a process needs to be handled by experienced companies.
Choosing a company with at least ten or twenty years of experience in the laser field is idealaided cutting.
Laser cutting components are integrated with machines and equipment used in industries such as computers, electronics, food processing equipment, automobiles, aerospace, telecom, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, etc.
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