Laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine material board edge seeking system

by:Lxshow     2021-05-21

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine material board edge finding system, the engraving and milling machine includes: the system includes: a workbench, a sensing system, and a proofreading pusher; the sensing system includes: a partition sensor, a second partition sensor, and an The camera is arranged on the laser cutting head; the proofreading pusher is arranged on the worktable. This is suitable for a new type of multi-directional distance measuring partition sensor and camera to conduct edge-finding and positioning verification of the square material plate to be cut, and then enter the next cutting process after meeting its strict verification standards, so that the square material plate is positioned It is more accurate, and the finished product is cut with higher precision.

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine that can sort waste residues includes a frame and a workbench. The frame is built with an automatic fiber laser cutting mechanism and the workbench is built with an inclined direction. The lower end of the filter screen, and the direction of the filter screen away from the automatic fiber laser cutting mechanism is the lower end, the historical spring under the filter screen is connected to the worktable, the vibration motor is built under the filter screen, and the end of the worktable corresponds to the outlet end of the filter screen An inlet hopper is built, the lower part of the inlet hopper is connected with an inlet pipe, the other end of the inlet pipe is connected with a dust removal box, a plurality of partitions are built in the dust removal box, a screen is built between adjacent partitions, and the dust removal box is constructed with The air outlet and the air outlet are connected with an exhaust fan. The end of the workbench corresponds to the position of the hopper. There is a waste discharge board. One end of the waste discharge board extends to the inlet of the hopper, and the other end is long toward the surface of the workbench. Build a web page box with waste residue. It is suitable for the new type of speed that can move forward to sort out the waste residue, and meet the needs of modern processing and production.

The exhaust gas treatment system of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is characterized in that it comprises: an exhaust gas treatment chamber, a fan, an air supply interface and an exhaust air interface; wherein, the air supply The interface and the exhaust interface are respectively constructed on two opposite side walls of the waste gas treatment chamber; the fan includes a fan air inlet and a fan air outlet, and the fan air inlet is connected to the exhaust interface, so The air outlet of the fan is connected with the air supply interface. This disclosure divides the waste gas treatment system into two sections, respectively sending and exhausting air, historically induced relay and wind curtain effect effectively remove and isolate harmful gases, which can probably guarantee that the exhaust gas discharge volume of automatic fiber laser cutting machine is greatly reduced compared with general techniques, and at the same time it has purification. effect.

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