Laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine is used to filter the purifier of auxiliary gas

by:Lxshow     2021-05-20

The purifier used to filter the help gas of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes a housing, and a drying cylinder and at least one filter are arranged in the housing. The filter is in communication with the filter, and the drying cylinder is connected to the One of the filters is connected to each other, the dry cylinder includes a cylinder body, the left side of the cylinder body is provided with an air inlet, the right side of the cylinder body is provided with an air outlet, the air outlet is located above the air inlet, the cylinder body is unchanged There is at least one filter assembly. The filter assembly is located between the air inlet and the air outlet, and is welded to the inner wall of the cylinder in a circumferential direction. After being filtered by the gas purifier, the impurities such as water, oil and dust in the gas are basically The above has been cleaned up. The user only needs to wipe the lens once a few days to ensure the normal operation of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which improves the user’s part-time compliance, and undergoes physical filtration techniques to perform filtration, which is more cost-effective than a cold dryer. A large amount of electric energy is saved, and electricity expenses are reduced for users.

Segmented dust removal mechanism and automatic fiber laser cutting machine, the segmented dust removal and dedusting excitation mechanism includes air duct, constant damper, moving damper and moving drive components: wind The pipe is equipped with multiple exhaust parts, each of which is provided with an exhaust port; the invariable damper is installed on the exhaust section and covers the exhaust port, and the invariable damper is provided with multiple fence holes connected to the exhaust port; the movable damper is installed at The ventilation part is located on the outside of the constant damper, and the movable damper is provided with a plurality of second fence holes, and the plurality of second fence holes and the plurality of fence holes are correspondingly arranged one by one; the movable driving assembly continuously moves the damper to drive the movable damper The damper moves back and forth to expose the fence hole or seal the fence hole. The segmented dust removal mechanism can independently open or close the responsive suction opening according to the difference in cutting position, thereby significantly improving the suction and dust collection results.

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