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Laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine is clean and environmentally friendly

by:Lxshow     2021-05-21

A clean and environmentally friendly automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including a body, the upper end of the body is provided with a frame, the upper end of the frame is provided with a laser cutting head, and two side walls of the frame are symmetrically welded Invariant boards with multiple configurations, each of the invariable boards is provided with a continuous axis running through the exterior, and each of the continuous axes can slide back and forth along the invariant board, and the exterior of the invariant boards is provided with a joint continuous axis For the continuous sliding holes applied, the lower end of each continuous shaft is unchanged and there is a mounting frame continuously, and the exhaust fan is fixed in each mounting frame, and the back side of each mounting frame is fixed. Connected with a frame for joint exhaust fan application. This new type of application can inhale the dust and debris generated during the cutting process of the machine body and make it adsorbed by the adsorption filter in the frame, and the adsorption and clearing limit is greater, and the clearing result is more thorough, which can prevent dust and debris from affecting the workers' figure. Lead to risks, double the safety and environmental protection.

A workpiece calibration system and automatic fiber optic fiber laser cutting machine. A workpiece correction system includes a stage and a plurality of workpiece correction mechanisms. The stage is used for arranging geometrically stacked workpieces, and the workpiece correction system is used for correcting these workpieces and making the sides of the stacked workpieces. Aligned, the stage includes a support seat and a pressure sensing unit, the pressure sensing unit feels the pressure of the workpiece on the behavior seat, and when these pressures feel the pressure difference felt by the unit, the driving unit drives the The behavior seat rises and falls until all the pressure feels the same as the pressure value felt by the unit; the two-sided division configuration of the stage comparison has at least one of the workpiece calibration mechanism, and the two workpiece calibration mechanisms can be stacked on each other. The side edges of the workpiece on the stage to align the side edges of the workpiece. An automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes the above-mentioned work piece revision system.

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