Laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine for steel plate processing

by:Lxshow     2021-05-20

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine for steel plate processing. Its layout includes controller, crawler, laser controller, gas purifying device, machine tool, slider, slide rail frame, and excited bald head. The controller will not be placed on the machine tool. On the side, this discovery has been equipped with a filter purifier. After the gas enters the slag removal tank, the waste iron filings still contained in the gas will simply be equipped with the water in the slag removal tank to accumulate in the slag removal tank. At the bottom of the box, the gas smell explodes from the top of the water in a bubble mode, and then follows the air connecting pipe into the atmosphere purification machine, and the atmosphere purification machine purifies the odorous gas, so that the particles in the gas can be completely removed. When the material comes out, the particulate material is prevented from entering the atmosphere purification machine and it is blocked. This ensures that the atmosphere purification function can continue to purify the gas normally, so that the effective escape of the odorous gas can be dispersed.

The focusing system of the 3D automatic fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the laser focusing technology platform. The applicable new model includes a torsion component, a swing component and a cutting head. One end of the swing component is vertically connected to the lower end of the torsion component, and the cutting head is vertically connected to the other end of the swing component; a standard is provided in the torsion component. Straight lens holder, the collimating lens holder is provided with a composite lens, the collimating lens holder may not remain inside the torsion assembly; the cutting head is provided with a focusing lens holder, and the focusing lens holder is provided with a second lens For the second composite lens, the focusing lens holder is axially unchanged from the inside of the cutting head. This new type of experience keeps the adjusted collimating lens holder and focusing lens holder in the laser beam transmission path, ensuring that the distance between the adjusted core and the cutting nozzle will not be changed, which is beneficial for laser cutting.

The control system of automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes: main power supply module, electric continuous X-axis servo driver, Y1-axis servo driver, Y2-axis servo driver and Z-axis servo driver , Part-time station drive motor, electric cabinet air conditioner stop lighting, main control module, action control card module, button control module, height controller, solenoid valve control module, limit switch module, laser focus drive, safety light curtain module and Control the panel and supply power; the main control module, including DVP32ES controller, control the safety light curtain assembly, limit switch assembly, button control assembly, solenoid valve control assembly, mobile control card module and control panel part-time; mobile control card module, including BCL3766 Terminal board, electric continuous X-axis servo driver, Y1-axis servo driver, Y2-axis servo driver, height controller, laser, laser focusing driver, limit switch components and solenoid valve control components.

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