Laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine for high-efficiency sheet metal processing

by:Lxshow     2021-05-20

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine for high compliance sheet metal processing, including the main body of the cutting machine. Both sides of the main body of the cutting machine are constructed with sponsoring cleaning mechanisms, and the upper surface of the main body of the cutting machine is constructed with materials to enhance the surface. The upper end of the material support mechanism is constructed with a stroke shaft, and one side surface of the stroke shaft is constructed with an adsorption mechanism. The cleaning organization sponsored by this excavation of historical construction can more easily organize the surface attachments of the cutting object, so as to avoid the waste of time and cost in the subsequent secondary cleaning. The historical construction of the material rendering organization can probably organize the cutting better. The replacement of objects, while the low sag drag caused damage to the control surface of the device surface. The historical construction has an adsorption mechanism, which can transfer the pungent smell and smoke generated while roughly cutting, and can be unified at the terminal for disposal. Low sag pollution rate.

An automatic fiber laser cutting machine capable of removing dust, including a frame and a workbench, the frame is built with a laser cutting head, and the workbench is cross-built with a carriage frame , A mounting frame is built in the middle of the traveling frame toward the direction of the laser cutting head, a slide rail is built on the mounting frame, and a mounting seat is built on the slide rail. The motion of the mounting seat is driven by the power device, and the mounting seat There is an induced draft fan on the upper side, a number of cylinders are built on the mounting seat downwards, the output end of the cylinder is connected with a movable frame, and a plurality of air collecting hoods are built on the movable frame. The hose of the air collecting hood is connected with the induced draft fan. The second hose of the fan history is connected with a water tank, and the history vent pipe of the water tank is connected with a dust removal tank. A scarce layer of filter cotton is built in the dust removal tank. The dust removal tank is constructed with an air outlet, and the air outlet is connected to a second induced draft fan. The invention is suitable for a new type of automatic fiber laser cutting machine that can remove dust, which can be used for dust collection and compliance to meet the needs of processing and production.

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