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Just the mentioning of ingrown hairs can cause

by:Lxshow     2020-07-30

It's one thing to attempt to combat unwanted body hair, but dealing with the problem of ingrown hairs can be an even bigger issue. Ingrown hairs are commonly referred to as razor and shaving bumps because of the tell-tale swelling in the tissue surrounding the irritated hair follicle. Inflammation of the hair follicles occurs when the hairs are been broken or cut below the skin level. As a result, the hair then grows through the swollen tissue instead of out of the hair follicle. Ingrown hairs often occur on the legs, bikini area, face, and hairline.

Who's at risk of developing ingrown hairs?

In grown hairs can happen to anyone but are more prevalent in individuals who have:

Curly or tight hair textures and patterns

Hair follicles that curve

Oily skin

What are the causes of ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs primarily occur as a result of:

Hair curling back into the skin follicle

Hair being broken or cut (from shaving and/or razors) below the epidermis

What are the symptoms of ingrown hair?








Ingrown hair treatment

Ingrown hairs treatment often ranges from basic everyday home remedies to professional courses of treatment in the form of laser ingrown hair removal. For individuals who don't suffer regularly from this skin problem using skin care products that contain active ingredients such as salicyclic acid, exfoliating, and changing the method used in shaving can all help to treat ingrown hairs but can not guarantee that they will not re-appear.

A proven treatment method

Laser hair removal is a proven way to treat ingrown facial hairs and ingrown hairs on the bikini line, as well as other areas on the body because it gets directly to the root of the problem, the hair. By treating hair follicles with heat energy that renders the follicles sterile and unable to produce any more hair, sufferers can totally eliminate ingrown hairs once and for all. These treatments are normally prescribed over a series of weeks, but results may be seen sooner.

Don't wait any longer to treat your ingrown hairs, schedule your treatment today.

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There are many ingrown hair removal treatments out there from everyday home remedies to professional courses of action. Laser by Sia offers the latest and greatest in hair removal treatments at their clinic in Bondi Junction, Sydney. Article posted by Michelle Dankin of Laser By Sia.

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