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by:Lxshow     2020-03-09
AHMEDABAD: Institute of Plasma Research (IPR)
Gandhinagar will build the world\'s most advanced laser interference gravity Observatory (LIGO-India)
To detect gravitational waves. The IPR-
The completed observatory will be the third such Observatory in the world.
The union cabinet gave in on Wednesday.
The principle approval of the Rs 1,300 crore project.
This renewed the passion for intellectual property for the LIGO mission.
This is a difficult task.
Start with super architecture
High vacuum system with the most sensitive detector in the world (
Michaelson interferometer with Fabry-
Pero enhanced 8 km arm)
While ensuring the path of the detector, meet the requirements of welding technology and precision engineering.
The Intellectual Property Organization has started testing
High vacuum system in Bhat factory. “LIGO-
When India works with two other such detectors in the United States, it will increase the accuracy of locating gravitational wave sources by 5 to 10 times.
This will be a great achievement . \"
\"In fact, the United States had proposed the establishment of LIGO in Australia, but for some reason the proposal did not see light,\" Bora said . \".
The required preparations are huge as the progress of the project is nearly twice behindand-a-half years.
Sources from the Intellectual Property Organization say the project has considered various websites over the past three years.
In Gujarat, a group visited a location in Godhra;
State of Maharashtra;
Close to the position of udabul;
In some parts of the central state
LIGO vacuum system is one of the largest vacuum systems in the world with a pump volume of 10 megabytes
Was sucked out of a superliterhigh vacuum.
Vacuum system-
Including beam tubes, water tanks and all required vacuum pumps-
Will be manufactured on site by IPR.
\"We chose the screw welder that has to be built on site,\" Bora said . \".
Need about 1,000 tons of specially processed stainless steel to 3mm-thick and 0. 75 m-wide coils.
India will be one of the countries including the United States, Italy and Japan, playing an important role in understanding Einstein\'s general relativity.
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