Integrated processing components of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-13

Integrated automatic fiber laser cutting machine processing components, including feed motor, frame, screw nut mechanism, slide plate, pallet, laser cutting head, rodless cylinder, torsion motor, torsion motor base, chuck and Drill bit, where the screw nut mechanism is placed on the base, the feed motor is continuous with the screw nut mechanism, the slide plate is placed on the screw nut mechanism, the assembly plate is placed on the slide, rodless cylinder and laser cutting head They are all arranged on the pallet, the torsion motor base is continuous with the rodless cylinder, and the torsion motor is placed on the torsion motor base and continues with the chuck, and the chuck and the drill bit can be destroyed and sustained. This new model can perform laser cutting and drilling at the same time, probably at the same time laser cutting, drilling and tapping. The processing process does not need to be transported to different equipment. The processing speed is fast, the compliance is high, and the accuracy is high.

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine processing helper platform. It includes a bracket and an adjustable seat, the top of the bracket is provided with a bracket that conforms to the pipe, the bottom of the bracket is provided with a continuous rod, the continuous rod and the adjustable seat can be destroyed and sustained, the adjustable seat It is a height-adjustable seat. The top of the bracket of the bracket is provided with an anti-wear pad. The adjustable seat includes a constant seat and a regulating seat, and height adjustment is completed by a continuous ribbing method between the constant seat and the regulating seat. The beneficial result of this new style is that the gravity of the pipe can be applied to the pipe support assembly, thereby reducing the bending moment load of the feed roller and all adjustable feeding mechanisms, and not only can improve the application life of all adjustable feeding mechanisms , And can guarantee the accuracy of cutting. At the same time, this assembly can be suitable for supporting part-time jobs for pipes with different diameters.

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