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Color options 532 nm green laser is much more common, while the laser pointer was yellow-orange, was added to the range of time after the green. To determine the color reaction of the human eye, the apparent brightness of a field of a laser beam with optical power of the laser itself, and the reflectivity of the surface. And just because the human eye more sensitive to low light intensity in the green region of the spectrum (wavelength 520 nm -570) is green lasers appear brighter than the other colors in the same optical performance - for wavelengths of red and blue, the much lower sensitivity is. Millwatts is the unit of power laser and visible laser pointer (i and 400-700 nm) operating at less than 1 MW-Class 2 or Class II, while driving in the lead with 5.1 MW-Class 3R Laser III at 500-500 mW 3B/IIIb class operating system and the OS-500 MW-class laser 4/IV.

Laser pointers can be used as toys for pets that several design options, such as offers pictures of flowers, butterflies or mouse is used, the mouse-design a special favorite of the cats. However, there are safety issues around this type of use, which concerns about possible damage to have been raised in the eyes of animals. red laser pointer instead broke the first time in public in the 1980s, with a design difference in the versions now much smaller and cheaper to make 671 nm. Green laser pointers are also useful for the adventures of amateur astronomers who specifically for the purpose of individual stars in a moonless night. military use for these indications are precision applications such as target in attack missions of the aircraft based in the night.

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