In mining process, screen plays the unique role

by:Lxshow     2020-04-28
The screening process of broken materials can be composed of two stages, that is, fine particles passing through the material layer formed by superfine particles and reaching the screen surface, and fine particles passing through the sieve mesh. If you want to complete the two stages mentioned above, the most fundamental condition required is that there should exist relative motion between the materials and the screen surface. Consequently, the screen box should be with corresponding motion characteristic. On the one hand, it can keep the material layer in loose condition, and on the other hand, it can help to remove the coarse particles stuck in the sieve mesh and meanwhile make the fine particles successively pass through the screen. As we know, impact crusher and hammer crusher both are the main equipment in stone production line. They have similarities and differences. As to the advanced technology, let's make a comparision. The unique working principle of impact crusher overcomes the many defects of hammer crusher. At first, the discharging particles of impact crusher mainly are granular, while hammer crusher does maybe have much power. In addition, impact crusher can effectively deal those materials with moisture, thus it can reduce the jam phenomenon. When the material contain much moisture, the feeding chute and impact board of impact crusher can be equipped with heating device, prevent the bond of material. And impact crusher don't need equip with the bottom sieve plate, it just can effectively avoid the block phenomenon. However, hammer crusher can't adopt heating way to prevent the bond of material, and need equip the bottom sieve plate, thus it just increase the possibilities of jam. For one complete production line, there are jaw crusher, impact cruser, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, ball mill, belt conveyor, flotation machine, concentrator and so on. All these production line equipment, we Hongxing Machinery can supply to you.
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