Improved structure of smoke and dust discharge and waste collection device of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-14

An improved layout of the smoke and dust emission and waste network assembly of an automatic fiber laser cutting machine; including machine tools, beam components, part-time fields, smoke and dust emission assembly and waste network assembly, the smoke and dust emission assembly includes the ventilation located directly under the beam assembly The duct and the dust removal assembly arranged in the exhaust duct. The duct wall of the exhaust duct is evenly provided with multiple suction openings, and the two ends of the duct are divided into two ends of the beam assembly, so that the beam assembly mobilizes the exhaust duct during the movement. Synchronous movement; Result: The new type of application is equipped with a ventilation duct that can be moved with the beam assembly to absorb smoke and dust, so that the smoke and exhaust gas generated when cutting the workpiece can be sucked away in time during the part-time job, so that the dust removal result can be The arrival is better, and further, the part-time job situation can be effectively improved, so as to strengthen the application life of the new type of application and to avoid the hidden dangers of body diseases stimulated by the body's long time touch and response to smoke.

A robot three-dimensional automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including a PLC numerical control system, a three-dimensional fiber-induced baldness and a robot, where: the cutting machine also includes a gantry The seventh axis is equipped with a part-time field that carries the workpiece to be processed. The seventh axis is arranged under the gantry, and the robot is arranged upside down on the gantry. The three-dimensional optical fiber excited bald top is arranged on the machine Human; the seventh axis includes servo motors, linear guides and gears and racks. The servo motor mobilizes the rack and pinion actions, thereby mobilizing the part-time field on the seventh axis to move back and forth in X direction; this applies to the new experience of mechanical The person hangs upside down on the gantry, and the part-time field on the seventh axis moves back and forth. After the servo drive motor and the PLC CNC control system are mastered, the seven-axis combined transportation is completed, and the large-format cutting of the three-dimensional workpiece is completed at the same time. This laser cutting machine The cutting obedience and precision are high, and the layout is simple.

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