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Saw Blades With so many options to choose from, it's important to sort them out. A straight saw blade saw with smaller teeth is generally used for fine pruning, with a smooth, steady cut, but slower than more aggressive design. The curved blade, on the other hand, offers you unmatched cutting speed. Narrow width saw blades are best for cutting in tight crotches, and fine pruning. Tree saws also come with different sorts of teeth, namely large or fine. The large teeth are best for cutting big branches. They work faster, but don't count on them to give you as fine a cut. The fine teeth are for smaller limbs. Most professional saw blades now come with tri-edged, laser cut teeth for long-lasting sharpness and efficient cutting. Pinnacle Arborist supplies carries the most popular professional hands saw, pole saw and replacement blades form Samurai, Silky, Jameson, Fred Marvin and Fanno. Pruning Poles Most pruning poles today are made of extruded or spun fiberglass, though Poplar wood poles are still in use for their durability. Fiberglass poles from Jameson or Marvin come in a variety of wall thicknesses and lengths to meet your needs, some models also extend or telescope to desired lengths. Foam filled fiberglass poles are widely used for trimming in proximity to power lines. Fiberglass poles have male and female ferrules allowing 2 or more poles to be connected for extra reach. However, the longer the pole, the less rigid it becomes making pruning more difficult. While all clean and dry fiberglass poles have insulating properties, you should never work within 10 feet of energized lines unless you have been trained to do so safely. Silky makes popular aluminum Hayauchi and Hayate pole saws that can telescope to 20 feet, providing extra reach in a single pole. Because of the conductivity of aluminum and their long reach, Silky pole saws should not be used within 50 feet of power lines. For more information on handsaws, pole saws and other pruning tools, contact Pinnacle Arborist Supplies.
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