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by:Lxshow     2020-05-01
It is said that spending 10 minutes on this vibrating platform has the same effect as following a conventional strenuous work-out pattern for as much as 60 minutes. This is because in the former case, a number of muscle groups get activated simultaneously. It is very beneficial for people who do not have much time on their hands. They do not have to sweat it out for hours on end. Spending only 10 to 15 minutes on the vibrating platform can have a positive effect on their body. Here are some must-know about how to make the best use of this equipment: The frequency should always be increased gradually. If you are a beginner, start off with the resistance program and continue it for around nine minutes. After that, move on to the next stage i.e. the stretching, massaging and relaxation program again devoting nice minutes to it. It should be remembered in this context that the programs should be done both on the amplitude and lower frequency settings. Since the main idea behind using this equipment is to develop power, strength, muscle definition and tone, choose a posture that puts enough tension on your muscles. For instance, if the posture in question is that of a squat, bent your knees and lean from your hips. The posture should be such as if you are sitting on a chair. Do not workout on a power plate for long but keep it short. Allot thirty to sixty seconds for each exercise so that you can complete it fast. Bring variation in your range of exercises. Combine compound exercises with isolation ones for better effect. Push-ups and squats are examples of compound exercises where multiple muscle groups are used. Isolation exercises include front raises and bicep curls. Drink as much water as you can while sweating it out on the vibrating tool. This is because there is rapid contraction of muscles almost 50 times quicker than normal. As a result, a lot of heat is generated inside your body because of which you need adequate water. The muscle spindles are contracted because of vibration training. For this reason, you should always try keeping your knees bent slightly so that jarring can be avoided especially through the joints. If you keep these simple things in mind, you can expect to reap all the benefits that come with this equipment.
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