Hydraulic system plan of active fiber laser cutting machine based on PLC control

by:Lxshow     2021-05-23

Based on the plan and generalization of the active fiber laser cutting machine controlled by PLC, the hydraulic control system of the active fiber laser cutting machine has been meticulously studied. The application is based on PLC programming language to carry out the function plan, and the cutting rate adjustment is taken as an example to analyze the feasibility of its application.

An overview of the fiber laser cutting machine, the ancient cutting skills of steel pipes in engineering are mainly relying on manual sawing, sawing, roller extrusion, grinding wheel cutting and good welding cutting. These cutting techniques have the disadvantages of low cutting obedience, heavy task intensity, and poor working conditions at different levels. In addition, some techniques still have disadvantages such as cone-shaped codewords (such as roller extrusion), rough codewords, ruggedness (such as gas welding cutting), high cutting noise (such as grinding wheel cutting), and difficulty in performing work on site. In response to the above questions, it is planned to go through the plan and generalization of machine-electric-hydraulic integration. The research plan can complete the automatic control, and can cut high-efficiency active cutting machines for steel pipes of different pipe diameters, wall thicknesses and materials. All its implementing components are hydraulically driven, and the cutting process is completed by the oil cylinders acting one after the other. The cutting process is divided into turning oil cylinders, roller oil cylinders, clamping oil cylinders, horizontal tool post oil cylinders and chamfering oil cylinders.

2 The history of the fiber laser cutting machine

The fiber laser cutting machine studied in this topic is planned to be composed of a flap cylinder, a roller cylinder, and a clamping cylinder. , The horizontal turret oil cylinder and the chamfering oil cylinder constitute, according to the inevitable sequential action, complete the response mastering action, thus completing the active cutting homework. That is to say, the steel pipe on the stopping machine is rotated to the conveying track with the copy. The track sends the steel pipe into the fiber laser cutting machine with the appropriate length. The steel pipe is supported by the bracket, so that the steel pipe can roll on the bracket, clamping and assembly action The steel pipe is clamped, and the spindle speeds up to a certain speed. The tool table quickly feeds to the point where the tool head will touch the steel pipe, and then turns to work feed. The steel pipe is cut, the tube head is cut off, the tool table quickly retracts, and the spindle is delayed and stopped , Easy clamping and assembly, put down the bracket steel pipe, exit the fiber laser cutting machine from the track, turn the cut steel pipe to the aligned track, and put down another steel pipe at the same time to complete a cycle of action.

3 Hydraulic system plan

According to the truth of the matter: the execution components of the fiber laser cutting machine are supplied by the hydraulic station, except for the liquidation and cutting at the work site. Workers with iron filings can take the initiative to cut steel pipes under the control of electricity and hydraulics. The cutting process is completed by five oil cylinders in sequence, which are divided into flap cylinders, roller cylinders, clamping cylinders, horizontal tool post cylinders and chamfering cylinders. In the hydraulic circuit level division, various hydraulic valves are used to control the on and off of the oil circuit, the conversion of various speeds, and the control of flow. Use the path valve and pressure to open the linkage to connect to the PLC to achieve the effect of active cutting.

The above hydraulic circuit is adopted, and the feature is that the saving valve is placed between the hydraulic control check valve and the bracket cylinder. This method constitutes an oil-return-saving speed-regulating loop. The starting name of the overflow valve is filled in the equipment title table as the default value, and a red reminder is marked. Later, manually check the equipment title corresponding to the block name and fill in the table. If the block attribute contains the equipment title, but the equipment indicated by the equipment title is not found in the equipment list, simply remind: XX equipment is not found in the equipment list, please complete the equipment list.

Step 2: Read the reference block related information, fill in the equipment specifications, power and other information. Attribute reminder than the square has 'numberFind the value of the response and fill in the response column of the output table in section 2.1. If you cannot find the associated tension information from the attribute information of the block (roller type: height, middle width, length, speed, power; torsion assembly: radius, speed, power), then fill in 'to be filled' by default and manually fill in.

More common positive rotation equipment: moving roller bed, torsion roller bed, belt type landing gear, chain type landing gear, transfer aircraft, fortunately landing platform. Common brake equipment: all motors except for accumulating belts, aerial accumulating belts, and conflict roller beds. More common equipment with encoder: belt type landing gear, chain type landing gear. Commonly seen explosion-proof equipment: spray paint double-chain conveyor, leveling indoor rolling bed, moving rolling bed, twisting rolling bed.

Commonly seen with spare motor equipment: belt type landing gear, chain type landing gear, painting double chain conveyor, drying double chain conveyor, IMC, front pendulum swing bar conveyor, electrophoresis swing bar transport machine.

The fiber laser cutting machine has experienced this software to complete the active reading, tapping and statistics of the unit information of the sliding carriage (AutoCAD drawing), and link the unit module in the subsequent process Completion of the cost information of the skid transportation module information, complete the statistics of the number of transportation equipment, the preparation of the electronic control mission statement and the old accounting, and complete the intelligentization of the skid transportation system drawing plan-component management-project estimation, etc. , To solidify and automate the one-sided operation, and reduce the large number of overlapping tasks of the planning staff in the computer operation. The software is currently being implemented in the Fourth Plan Research Institute of the Machine Industry. From the user's response, it is generally felt that the software is convenient, fast, and carefree, and it can meet the needs of the engineering plan.

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