How to use automatic fiber laser cutting machine equipment

by:Lxshow     2021-05-27

The technology of automatic fiber laser cutting machine equipment has been matched and mature. In the sheet metal processing industry, there has been a larger situation trend. In the situation trend, there are also many large and small factories manufacturing laser cutting equipment, with different functions and different qualities. No, many users do not know how to choose a fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine. Below, the Lxshow laser editor will explain to friends how to choose a fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Limitation of transaction demand

At the beginning, we must consider and understand the limitations of my transaction, the thickness of the cutting material, which materials need to be cut and other components, and then determine the equipment power that needs to be purchased The size and the size of the working table, the power of laser cutting equipment on the market currently ranges from 3000w-15000w, while the size of the working table is generally 3015~8025 (processing length 3m*width 1.5m~processing length 8m*processing width 2.5m), If the size is extra, the manufacturer can customize it according to the needs of customers.

2. The initial selection of the manufacturer

After determining the demand, we can inquire about the situation and trends, and probably go to the peers who have purchased laser cutting equipment to take a look at the machine first. Performance and basic parameters. Select a few powerful and cost-effective manufacturers to conduct preliminary exchanges and proofing. Later, we will conduct on-site inspections, and conduct more detailed discussions on the cost of the machine, machine training, payment methods, and maintenance services.

3. The size of the laser power

When selecting the function of the laser cutting equipment, we should fully consider our own situation. The size of the laser power is very important, just like we often For cutting thin metal sheets below 8mm, we choose 500w-1000w laser cutting equipment to meet the manufacturing needs. If we cut materials above 8mm, we need to think about more powerful machines, such as the company’s capital Control has a lot of sponsorship.

4. Selection of important parts

We also need to pay great attention to some important parts of laser cutting equipment when purchasing. The lasers, cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails, water tanks, etc. must be distinguished whether they are domestically produced or imported. These components simply affect the cutting speed and accuracy of laser cutting equipment. Many domestic manufacturers use counterfeit imported parts to defraud customers.

5. No maintenance service

No matter how well an automatic fiber laser cutting machine is equipped, users will encounter all kinds of questions during the application process. The question that the customer cannot handle is whether the manufacturer can provide a real-time handling plan is particularly nervous, which is also an important component of our demand for laser cutting equipment.

Lxshow Laser has been established for 5 years. It specializes in the Ru0026D and manufacturing of intelligent laser processing equipment. It strives to arrange and debug the equipment purchased by customers without charge, and to train technical staff without charge to ensure that users can do their best Quickly master the control equipment operation skills, put it into application as quickly as possible, provide 24-hour maintenance service, and when the customer is on the job, we will respond to the customer's demand for assistance within 2 hours, and arrive at the customer’s manufacturing site within 24 hours;

The construction of the laser cutting machine and the efficiency of the pipe cutting machine

1. The cutting speed is fast, the precision is high, the quality is good, and the cut metal sheet is smooth and flat

2. Simple operation and active equipment Do things without feeling manipulation

3. Flexible processing, able to plan arbitrary cutting patterns, no molds, useful low-cost processing

4. Non-touch cutting, No damage to the appearance of the workpiece

Laser cutting processing brings the following rare features that other techniques do not have:

1. Because it is non-touch processing, it is not easy to the workpiece Hit, so there is no machine deformation;

2. There is no “tool” wear during the laser cutting process, and no “cutting force” is used on the workpiece;

3. During the laser cutting process , The laser beam has high energy density, rapid processing speed, and partial processing, which has no or minimal impact on non-laser irradiated parts. Therefore, the thermal deformation of the small workpiece in the thermally affected area is the smallest;

4. Because the laser beam is easy to guide, focus, and complete the deflection change, it is very easy to cooperate with the CNC system and perform the processing of complex workpieces. Processing is therefore an extremely naive processing technique;

5. High manufacturing compliance, laser cutting processing quality is consolidated and reliable, economic and social benefits are good.

Laser cutting can replace punching, blanking slicing, oxyacetylene cutting and plasma arc cutting. CO2 lasers ranging from 500W to 15,000W are the most widely used, followed by YAG lasers. The thickness of the material, physical characteristics and laser power determine the cutting rate.

Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine has a rich experience in laser tube cutting equipment. It takes the actual needs of customers as its responsibility, the most advanced manufacturing obedience, and the improvement of the cutting product rate. It should be used by users in the same category. In the industry, we control the leading technology, expand the trend of the situation, and improve the efficiency.

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