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how to test and set a chinese (china) made co2 power ...

by:Lxshow     2020-03-06
Please pay attention to safety when executing this project.
Safety is the most important thing.
If you do something wrong, you will get an electric shock.
The combination of high voltage and power can be fatal.
Follow the instructions below.
Do not deviate from instructions regarding safety.
The high-voltage laser power supply setting has a great impact on the life of the CO2 glass laser tube.
In almost all cases, more than 30 mA of the settings will greatly shorten the operating life (
Change the life expectancy of several years to several months).
Even though the laser tubes rank high in a few months, like the 60 W laser tubes, I \'ve had them use for years before the customer finally powered off.
Recently, the high power CO2 glass laser tube with power above 80 watts, of course, there are 100, 130, 150. Due to improper power supply setting, 180 watts are more inclined to shorten the life.
For example, I have a unscrupulous seller who sold me a 150 W laser with the power set to 34 mA.
My Mahoney laser power probe measured 145 W.
Then I contacted the seller because my multimeter read 34 mA.
His engineer said the power supply should be set to 30 mA in order to have a full warranty on the tube.
After setting to 30 mA, I measured the laser output power and got 129 W.
I then contacted the company and returned the laser because the seller had actually sold me a 130 W laser for 150 W.
Whatever the reason you check the power supply current is, some steps are provided to demonstrate a safe way to take a reading and then take remedial action. 1.
Turn off the laser machine 2.
Wait ten minutes.
Now is the time for the power supply to run out of its capacitors. 3.
Settings are shown in the following figure.
You need to buy and use two sets of wires.
We recommend that each end has a black wire with a Alignment clip, and each end has a red wire with the alignment clip.
These wires should be available in the Radio shed. A.
Check the power cord connection.
Don\'t touch the red line.
It has extremely high voltage that is fatal. B.
See you on thin lines.
It is blue, black or green as shown in the figure. C.
See the meter below as the sample meter.
Some meters are slightly different, so the instructions are adjusted as needed.
Set the meter to read the current at mA.
Set the meter to read the DC current.
Insert the red cable of the meter into the meter connection for current (
Marked as mA, or micro A, or A).
Check and confirm all connections and review these instructions.
After confirming that all connections have been completed correctly, please power on the laser machine.
With the TouchPad, select menu to set the laser power to 5% and the time to 3000 ms.
Turn on the laser power from the TouchPad and read the meter after the number is determined.
To confirm that you have no problem, there will be no sparks or arcs.
If there is a spark or ARC, stop all work and turn off the power of the machine.
If the meter provides a reading and there is no spark or ARC, proceed by setting the laser power to 100%.
For the standard China CO2 glass laser tube, the current measurement at the maximum output power should be 28 mA under the long life setting.
If the value is high (
If more than 30 mA)
Then, during the operation, the internal gas consumption will be faster, and the glass laser tube needs to be replaced more frequently.
To adjust the current down, consult your power supply manual.
Do not turn on the laser power case and insert your finger.
Using the ground wire, ground everything when working on the power supply.
After six hours of power failure, I was shocked by touching the lower side of the circuit board inside the laser power supply.
Always use wires connected to the ground to eliminate any remaining voltage stored in the laser\'s internal capacitor.
In many cases, it is not necessary to open the housing and the potentiometer can be adjusted.
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