How to maintain the automatic fiber laser cutting machine in the usual application

by:Lxshow     2021-05-26

The maintenance skills of each machine oil automatic fiber laser cutting machine machine, in the usual application, the maintenance of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is mainly due to the following points: after the application, the power is turned off and the cutting blade is removed to avoid the accident Cut the wound, and then clean up the iron filings between the clamping vise and the feeding cylinder and grease it.

Clean up the iron filings on the working table and on the screw of the feeding vise, clean up and add greasy oil to stop maintenance. Change the gear oil in the saw blade drive gear box. Generally, new machines should be replaced after 30 hours of continuous operation, and every three months thereafter, the gearbox grease should be replaced with GB 460 gear grease.

It is necessary to arrange and change the cooling water on schedule, because the cooling water will never be changed, it is easy to break out and reform and flocculate; it can easily lead to suffocation of the cooling water outlet, resulting in failure to cool during the cutting process or poor cooling I think, the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used to cut 201 stainless steel pipes, 304 stainless steel pipes, 306 stainless steel pipes, stainless steel round pipes, square pipes, oval pipes, profiles, etc. It is mainly used in stainless steel furniture and accessories, finished flange products, household appliances, bathroom pipe fittings, fitness equipment, medical equipment, baby carriages, hanging irons, auto parts, marine accessories, military products, motorcycle frames, office chairs, Engineering machinery and other fields.

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine has great effect, and the automatic fiber laser cutting machine has no effect on our general survival. This kind of machine is to be used in the middle of the demand. Following the constant development of society, there are already many equipment in our survival that require its processing and shaping capabilities. Assuming that there is no automatic fiber laser cutting machine, many homework will not be able to stop smoothly.

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine is used to stop the deformation of the tube. The tube that needs to be deformed and bent is generally made of stainless steel and probably iron. The continuous change of these materials can only be realized by the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which can be used to stop the deformation and winding according to our needs. The sewer pipes in our house occasionally require a certain degree of winding, and then a few exhaust pipes on a few machines and equipment, etc., these are all realized by the need for a winding machine to stop the control ability.

The variety of automatic fiber laser cutting machines has also increased from time to time with the needs of society. Generally speaking, they are divided into CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machines and hydraulic automatic fiber laser cutting There are two most general types of machines. The automatic fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for electric power construction, pipeline laying and repairing of steam boilers, ships, highways and railways, decoration, etc. It has more efficiency and reasonable organization. That is to manipulate these aspects of simplicity, it really brings convenience to people.

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine is very useful. It is applied to our home improvement materials in our industrial production plants and in the establishment of the society. It has brought many good equipment for our survival. It is like a behind-the-scenes person who calmly pays for our survival and plays an important role in our survival.

  The automatic fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of laser non-touch processing, and will not damage the workpiece. The cut product has no extrusion deformation. The processed products are of good quality, no burrs, no need for manual re-polishing, and unnecessary processing steps are eliminated. Optimize task intensity. Reduce mold investment and lower production costs?

   Laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine can simply build all kinds of metal workpieces without molds, without consuming molds, without repairing and changing molds, which can save a large number of mold applications and reduce processing Old cost, low production cost, especially suitable for batch product processing, high precision, useful to improve productivity? The laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine is processed through multiple processes and has the characteristics of high precision, strong naivety and high obedience.

   It can effectively deal with various complicated processes. You only need to dispose of the graphics and import them into the control system. You can configure the punishment size. It helps to simply shrink the product processing and production cycle, and effectively improves task productivity. The cutting rate is fast, and the situation is optimized? The automatic fiber laser cutting machine has a fast cutting speed, low noise, no dust, and no chemical materials that are not beneficial to the human body and the condition.

   This is also a private guard for the operator, which can ensure the cleanliness of the production site and reduce subsequent investment. Reduce pollution, sponsor the hardware company to stimulate the optimization of the situation, and adapt to the tide of environmental protection. Security guards have low cost and high cost performance? The security of the machine product is more expensive, and the fiber laser tube cutting machine is stable, practical and durable, can work one after another, is not easy to be destroyed, and has a great advantage in the future security of the old.

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