How should the operation pace of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine be?

by:Lxshow     2021-05-28

The order of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine: the order of application, the feeding: when it is actively implemented, the flashing green is to remind you to guess in anticipation. Active: When active, the flashing is green, reminding that in the active mode, the origin, flashing is green, showing that the currently applied performance of the servo axis to be applied has already returned to the machine zero point, and processing can be started.

Semi-active: Assuming that the touch will switch between semi-active and full-active, assuming the full-active method, it will flash green and'full-active' pen and ink as a reminder, The semi-automatic operation method is to press the external 'start' button to confirm after loading the material. Machine reset: alarm message and interruption of active processing, all automatic operation method is to actively stop the current pipe processing after the set feeding time is up.

Single-step execution: take the initiative to carry out the adjustment of the machine, press the button after every execution of an action, you need to press the external'start' button Carry out the next step. Stop: When active execution, press the stop button, the machine will stop at its current position, and press the external'start' button to continue execution.

The arc bending machine belongs to the machine category. This is a machine without cold thinking. Therefore, pay attention to safety when using it to avoid accidents. Is it spicy? When using the arc bending machine, what aspects should we pay attention to to hide the harm? The equipment of the bending mold is a very stressful thing.

The mold requires the equipment staff to have the professional knowledge of operating the arc bending machine and properly adjust the bending mold. The quality of half of the bending is very tight. The important thing is to pay attention to the size of the mold must be suitable for the equipment. Any pipe that bends beyond the original value will cause excessive machine load, which will lead to machine defects.

The operation process of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, sum up five points:

First, before the event


1. Wear work clothes, wear goggles, and if you have long hair, put your hair up and put on a work hat.

2. Clean the cutting machine to ensure safety.

3. The power switch, the tightness of the saw blade, the saw blade guard or the safety baffle are carefully checked, the console must be stable, and there should be sufficient homework at night Lighting.

4. Turn on the main switch, and test it for a few laps under no-load. Only after the safety is confirmed, will things be allowed.

When two things happen

1, it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to manipulate. If dust is caused during the operation, wear a mask or face shield.

2. Don't try to cut small workpieces that are not clamped (that is, less than 15 cm).

3. It is forbidden to use a cutting machine instead of a grinder to engage in polishing work.

4. Before cutting, make the motor reach full speed, do not operate the powerful cutting saw, and do not suddenly add force during the initial cutting, so as to save the damage to the cutting wheel and the flying wheel. Hurt people.

5. The staff operating the cutting machine must not face the quasi-grinding wheel. They must stand on the side and wear protective glasses. Non-operating staff are not allowed to stop nearby to save the grinding wheel. Flying out and hurting people when it ruptures.

6. Do not lean over or bypass the sawing machine, and do not loose any hand or raise your arm from the saw or the material when the saw blade is not stopped.

7. Do not manipulate when the guard is not in place, and do not place your hands within 15 cm from the saw blade.

8. Before repairing or changing accessories, you must cut off the power supply and wait for the saw blade to stop completely, and do not use saw blades that are not suitable for cutting.

9. The cutting machine is not allowed to be used in places with explosive dust and gas. The oxygen and acetylene homework is limited to a safe interval of at least 10M or more. The cutting iron filings must not face the oxygen and acetylene cylinders when they fly out.

10. When the saw blade is split, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of fracture in real time to prevent recurrence. If there are unusual noises during excavation, the search should be stopped immediately.

Three, after the event

1. Close the main power supply.

2. Clean the equipment, pay attention to rust and dust prevention, and reorganize the work table and garden.

Four. After each maintenance application, the equipment should be cleaned in real time. The staff in charge of this equipment shall conduct inspections on equipment repairs on time every week, inspect the completeness and operating functions of the various parts of the cutting machine, inspect the anti-power performance of the whole machine, and make records. The saw blade needs to be changed after the application spans 3 months.

Fifth, if there is a disturbance in the body or equipment, the site should be connected and the relevant part of the team should be reported immediately for punishment.

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