High-precision linear motor drive and control method for automatic fiber laser cutting machine with anti-interference

by:Lxshow     2021-05-17

An automatic fiber laser cutting machine driven by a high-impact linear motor and its mastering skills, including a fence with a tooth on one side, two longitudinal stators parallel to each other are inserted in the fence, and a sliding type is installed on two The transverse stator on the longitudinal stator, the repeating section of the transverse stator and the longitudinal stator is equipped with movers. The transverse stator contains magnetic poles arranged on both sides of its axial direction. Two movers, the load platform at the top of the second mover is equipped with a laser transmitter and a micron position sensor, and the end of the longitudinal stator is configured to effectively delay the brake assembly of the transverse stator. When the linear motor layout discovered in this invention is used in an automatic fiber laser cutting machine, it not only reduces the edge effect, suppresses the thrust bumps, but also excites high-precision positioning and adjustment, and can quickly delay positioning.

An automatic fiber laser cutting machine with a rapid heat dissipation layout, including an excitation baldness and a clamping measurement mechanism, the inside of the excitation baldness continues to have a constant support, and it does not change The lower part of the bracket is welded to the limit rod continuously, the screws under the two ends of the invariable bracket continuously have telescopic rods, and the bottom end of the telescopic rod is externally equipped with a constant base, and a partition is arranged below the clamping and measuring mechanism A heat dissipation mechanism is arranged under the partition, a sealing cover is arranged on the front end of the heat dissipation mechanism, and a control panel is arranged on the left side of the constant base. This automatic fiber laser cutting machine with a fast heat dissipation layout, compared with the existing general automatic fiber laser cutting machine, can measure the cutting size of the component, which improves the cutting degree of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine on the component, and can The components in the automatic fiber laser cutting machine are blown to dissipate heat, which accelerates the dissipation of heat from the appearance of the components, and improves the heat dissipation speed of the components.

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