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Have you heard about roll forming before? It is

by:Lxshow     2020-06-21
Mechanism and Process The machine is composed of four major parts: the entry section where the metals are fed, the station rollers where rolling of metals take place, the cut off press where shaped metals are cut, and last is the exit station where the finished product comes out. This is the part where the metals are loaded. Usually, materials that are inserted in the entry section are in the form of sheet or coiled metals. Metals that are usually fabricated using this process include copper, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. You have to be careful not to touch the machine while loading metals, as your hand might get caught in it. You can find large roller drums in this section of the machine. These rollers serve as the equipment's driving force, because it shapes the metals using pressure. Usually, rollers are placed at the top and bottom and the metal that enters the machine are bended in between these rollers. In this area, shaped metals are cut into a predetermined length. The process has two systems in terms of cutting: precutting and post cutting lines. However, the latter is the most common. In a precut line, the material is cut off at a specific length before the rolling and bending process. On the contrary, the post cut line allows a continuous operation and the metals are sheared after the said process. The finished products exit in this area. It is either placed in tables manually or moved in a conveyor. Though the overall process may sound simple, it is actually not. You have to get to know the parts well and understand the procedure. Also, you need to take precautionary measures when operating the machine because you could be involved in several accidents. In the process of roll forming, you also have to consider several factors that could affect the production: Factors that may affect the process: Type of material used The type of material varies in its width and thickness. Metals also have varying characteristics; stainless steel is different from copper, thus you have to be careful before loading it into the machine. Process of application In the process itself, the experience and skill of the operator could affect the product. This includes the knowledge of the operator in lubrication, as some metals are better lubricated with specific oils and wax. The capacity of the machine The machine could have been overused, and this also affects the quality of the finished product. You need to regularly check the condition of the machine to make sure that it can still work well. Continued maintenance and upgrade of machines are necessary.
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