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Haco Canada has been formed in the year 1965,

by:Lxshow     2020-04-14
All our products are built by a team of engineering experts who have an in-depth insight as to what all goes into the production of these metal sheet working equipments, and based on the exact specifications they develop these range of sheet metal working and metal fabrication machineries. The outcome is that all these machines are flawless in terms of performance not only for a short period of time, but rather for a longer period of time. Haco Canada has this amazing technical know-how as to how these Sheet Metal Cutting machinery items operate and function, and at the same time what are the best ways to handle this over the top sheet metal products. Under Sheet metal cutting, Haco Canada has again got a range of products of which the most popular one is the Hydraulic Shearing machine. When it comes to Hydraulic shearing machine there are two types under this kind of machinery and they are TS Shears and HSLX Shears. Another top notch machine that we offer when it comes to sheet metal cutting is the Plasma Systems. Plasma systems again come under two types and they are Plasma cutting machine Kompakt and the other one is the Plasma cutting machine Proxima. Another well-known organization that has collaborated with Hacocanada is Mubea Systems, a known name in manufacturing state-of-the-art sheet metal working machines. Mubea systems is a Germany based company that is right now offering efficient Mubea Aluminum processing lines. Mubea Systems has pioneered itself in developing a complete range of machine centers specifically for those materials where high-speed cutting and fast response times are essential. Hacocanada is happy about the fact that Mubea systems has collaborated with them, so they can offer the best products in the marketplace thereby creating a niche for themselves, especially when it comes to highly efficient sheet metal cutting machines. Our ultimate objective is to understand the client's requirement in-depth and provide them those products that can in turn maximize their productivity in terms of manufacturing their particular products. Building a win-win situation is what we want where not only we but our honored clients are also highly benefitted by our products and services.
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