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Generator principle of fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-06-22

Some fiber laser cutting machines will present a high-energy state (0Do1), which exhibits an asymmetric swing state. When colliding with a hollow wall or naturally radiating, this kind of molecule will accidentally lose energy. This high-energy state will drop to a symmetrical swing form (1000) through natural emission and emit photons (a light beam with a wavelength of 10.6 pm) that may propagate in any direction. Occasionally, one of these photons will propagate down the cavity of the optical axis and will swing in the resonance mirror. In general, the working substance of a carbon dioxide laser is a mixture of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Nitrogen acts as an irritating gas and its molecules resonantly transfer stimulating energy to carbon dioxide molecules. Because the relaxation level (01110) is the bottleneck, the role of hydrogen is to transfer energy to the level (01110) to ammonia atoms as a heat sink. CO2 laser is a relatively important gas laser. This is because it has some prominent advantages: it has relatively large power and relatively high energy conversion efficiency. The general closed-tube CO2 laser can have a continuous output power of several tens of watts, which is far more than other gas lasers, and the lateral flow electrically excited CO2 laser can have a continuous output of hundreds of thousands of watts. In addition, the lateral atmospheric pressure CO2 laser has a high level of energy and power from the pulse output, which is comparable to solid-state lasers.

The energy conversion efficiency of the CO2 laser of the fiber laser cutting machine can reach 30-40%, which also exceeds the general gas laser. Second, it uses the transition between the vibration-rotational energy levels of the CO2 molecule, which has relatively rich spectral lines, and there are dozens of spectral lines of laser output near 10 microns. The high-pressure CO2 laser discovered in recent years can even be continuously tunable from 9 to 10 microns. Third, its output band is exactly the atmospheric window (that is, the transparency of the atmosphere to this wavelength is relatively high). In addition, it also has the advantages of high optical quality, good coherence, narrow line width, and stable work. Therefore, it has many applications in the national economy and national defense, such as processing (welding, cutting, drilling, etc.), communications, radar, chemical analysis, laser-induced chemical reactions, and surgical operations. High-power lateral excitation carbon dioxide lasers are mainly used for laser welding, laser cutting, laser heat treatment, etc. It is widely used in the automobile industry, steel industry, shipbuilding industry, aviation industry, machinery industry, metallurgical industry, metal processing and motor manufacturing. The principle of fiber laser generator Weixiang new energy fiber laser cutting machine Knowledge of optical fiber laser cutting machine--Safety operation process fiber laser cutting machine safety operation process Check the main power switch of fiber laser cutting machine NFB-DZ47LE-63C32, whether the lower power cord is off, turn on the main The power switch NFB upward is ON and downward is OFFONOFF. The safe operation process of fiber laser cutting machine. Turn on the power switch of the voltage stabilizer. Press the power button on the voltage stabilizer to observe whether the value of the instrument on the panel is normal. NFB (1000) and the emission A photon (a light beam with a wavelength of 10.6 pm) that may travel in any direction.

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