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Fusion Splicing is the method to join two Optical

by:Lxshow     2020-07-23

Fusion Splicing needs to be very accurate and precise. If there is any error in splicing, light will scatter or reflect and data loss occurs. Two OFCs are connected end to end and fused to join. Fusion Slicer uses a source of heat such as Tungsten Filament, Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) Beam, Gas Flame or an electric arc.

Material of optical fiber cable is fused at high temperature. Fused state only melts the contents, it don't change its shape or composition or characteristics. This is very important because we don't desire change in shape or characteristics of the fiber cable. If any of them is altered while splicing, data loss will certainly occur, which is undesired.

Optical Fiber Cable is a sophisticated cable made from several layer. Slicing should join each layer to the respective layer only of two fiber cables. Especially the Core, which carries light needs to be very flat at joint. Curvature can deflect or diffract light beam. Splice loss occurred due to splicing is direct effect of alignment. Using special type of OFC Stripper and Cutter, ends are cut carefully. Flatness is observed by Microscope or Zooming Lenses. They are joint end to end and put in fusion slicer. Slicer joins them quickly. The joint is allowed to get cool and firm. Splice Protector is applied on the joint.

Today, Fusion Slicers usually use LASER or Electric Arc. Gas Flame can leave traces of fuel or combustion bi-products, which may alter composition of OFC. LASER and Electric Arc are clean sources of heat. LASER slicer is preferred because it can operate on Battery and quickly slice OFCs. Slicers can be programmed to quickly slicer similar type of OFCs. Portable models usually use LASER as heat source. They quickly heat and splice OFCs in no time.

Certain advanced slicers have Microscope integrated. Which ensures that there would be no wrong alignment or curvature? With TFT LCD Screen, it is possible to visualize slicing process in 2 Dimensions, which ensures it will go in right way. Further, they can check for final slicing and log the result for future purpose. Computer Connectivity makes it possible to record progress and log history.

Fusion Slicers are extensively used by Telecommunication Companies. Optical Fiber Network proves to be very reliable, efficient and low power communication media. Data is secured and loss is negligible. Hence more and more telecommunication companies are expanding their network by OFCs. New type of Ultra Fast internet connection is available with OFCs only. Mobile Towers are preferably connected by OFCs, as Microwave Links may get interrupted. Hence Fusion Slicer performs a lot to join OFCs for the network.

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