Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine with multi-function tube and plate integration

by:Lxshow     2021-06-03

A multi-function tube sheet integrated full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which includes a cutting board machine frame and a pipe cutting machine frame arranged side by side. The cutting board machine frame is equipped with a degree-configured part-time table for cutting All trigger guide rails are provided on both sides of the trigger frame for the deflection of both sides of the trigger. The guide rails of the two plate cutters are equipped with cross beam components. High and low vertical moving laser cutting head; the pipe cutting machine frame is equipped with all pipe machine guide rails on both sides of the extension deviation, and the rear chuck assembly is provided on the two pipe cutting machine guide rails, and the front end of the pipe cutting machine frame is provided There is a front chuck assembly that is aligned with the rear chuck assembly. This new model adopts the above plan. It has a reasonable plan and a compact layout; it can complete the cutting of plates, a variety of pipes and profiles. It has a wide variety of cutting workpieces, high obedience, low cost, and has a strong suitability price.

A full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine with a hole-opening exchange table, comprising a base and a support continuously at the lower end of the base. A rectangular opening is provided in the middle of the base. The upper end of the base continuously has a constant clamping rod, and the upper end of the base is provided with a groove. This is suitable for a simple new layout. After entering the combined layout of the constant clamping rod, the behavior clamping rod and the sliding rod, the screw is positively balanced. Reverse rolling can complete the transition of the interval between the invariant clamping rod and the behavior clamping rod, and achieve the result of holding the workpiece. After the screw, the different pressure plate can be changed to adapt to the different workpiece and expand In order to adapt to limitations, the clamping is strong, the clamping is very firm, and it is not easy to loosen during the cutting process, which improves the accuracy of manufacturing and processing, saves raw materials, reduces manufacturing costs, and has great suitability.

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