Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine is used for the support of the laser source for transportation

by:Lxshow     2021-05-30

A support assembly for transporting the laser source of the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine. It contains two L-shaped brackets. The two L-shaped brackets are destructively arranged on the main body of the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The partition between the L-shaped brackets matches the length of the laser source. Each of the two L-shaped brackets is equipped with two buffer pads. The buffer pad is equipped with a concave pallet. The concave pallet is provided with outwards on both sides. Flanging, the flanging on both sides continues through the bolts and cushions. The bottom plate of the concave pallet can be equipped with a laser source. The length of the bottom plate of the concave pallet is skewed to match the laser source. The width deviation is as good as the laser source and it can be stuck between the wheels at the bottom of the laser source; this is suitable for the new model to complete the integral transportation of the laser source and the main body of the machine tool. Defiled.

A small format and tight automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including a base and a bracket that continues at the lower end of the base. The upper end of the base has a cutting board and a cutting board through screws. The upper part is divided into a plurality of tapered holes and circular holes. The position of the lower end of the cutting plate close to the circular hole continues with one end of the straight rod, and the other end of the straight rod is slidingly sleeved with the end of the continuous rod. There is a continuous spring between the cutting board and the spring, and the spring is sleeved on the straight rod. The new layout is simple, and the combined layout of the circular hole and the induced draft fan is used to suck away the smoke and dust generated when the workpiece is cut. The result of dust removal for the automatic fiber laser cutting machine partition can not only prevent the cutting head from being contaminated, improve the consolidation function of the cutting head, but also protect the part-time situation and reduce the risk to part-time employees, which has great applicability.

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