Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine for large-format dual-table exchange system

by:Lxshow     2021-05-30

A dual part-time platform interchange system for large-format full-automatic fiber laser cutting machines, including a frame, a translation part-time station, an interchange track, a landing part-time station, and a drive assembly. For track change and drive assembly, the interchangeable track and the drive assembly are arranged in a battalion. One end of the interchangeable track is provided with a translational part-time platform, and the other end is provided with a landing and landing part-time platform. Both the translational part-time platform and the landing and the part-time The assembly continues and moves towards each other under the mobilization of the drive assembly, and the part-time landing platform can reach the other end of the interchange track beyond the part-time translation platform. The part-time landing platform adopts a ten-wheel layout, with five wheels on one side, a total of five pairs, and a three-layer track layout of inner, middle and outer layers, so that the part-time landing platform has at least three sets of support points during the exchange process, which strengthens the part-time landing platform. The load-bearing talent in the operation process spared the lifting and landing part-time platform from collapsing and deforming during the interchange process, which caused the board to be inconsistent and affect the cutting quality.

A multi-function tube sheet integrated full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including a cutting board machine frame and a pipe cutting machine frame arranged side by side. The board cutting machine machine The rack is equipped with a degree-configured part-time station. On the rack of the cutting machine frame, all the trigger guides are arranged in the direction of the extension of both sides. The two cutting machine guides are equipped with beam components, and the beam is equipped with movable along the beam Z-axis assembly, the Z-axis assembly is equipped with a laser cutting head that can move vertically; on both sides of the pipe cutting machine frame, all pipe machine guide rails are arranged in each direction, and the behavior of the two pipe cutting machine guide rails is provided with rear Chuck assembly, the front end of the frame of the pipe cutting machine is provided with a front chuck assembly that is aligned with the rear chuck assembly. This discovery adopts the above plan. It has a reasonable plan and a compact layout; it can complete the cutting of plates, a variety of pipes and profiles. It has a wide variety of cutting workpieces, high obedience, low cost, and has a strong applicable price.

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