Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine computer operation can ensure cutting quality

by:Lxshow     2021-05-29

Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting equipment-just choose the light. Of course, a significant shortcoming of fiber laser cutting machine is that the early investment is relatively large. The characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine 1) The perfect integration of sharp fiber laser technology and numerical control technology represents More advanced laser cutting level; 2) Professional laser cutting machine control system computer operation can ensure the cutting quality, making the cutting work more convenient and easy to operate; 3) Machine tool gantry structure, high damping, and good rigidity of the bed, which can withstand higher speeds And acceleration; 4) The exchange table configuration shortens the standby time and effectively improves the work efficiency by more than 30%; 5) The 500W fiber laser cutting machine adopts imported AC servo system drive and imported transmission system linear guide to ensure the high speed, high precision and high precision of the equipment. Reliability; 6) The rack and guide rail adopt full-sealed protection devices to prevent oil-free frictional movement and dust pollution, which improves the service life of transmission parts and ensures the accuracy of machine tool movement; 7) The laser cutting head is equipped with imported capacitive non-contact height tracking The system is sensitive and accurate to avoid collision between the cutting head and the processed plate and can ensure the cutting focus position to ensure stable cutting quality; 8) The machine tool has an automatic partitioned smoke exhaust system, which has good smoke exhaust effect and pollutes the professional technical data of small fiber laser cutting machine. More details are welcome Call for consultation! Laser cutting equipment-choose optical automatic laser marking machine and optical fiber marking machine price title: metal marking machine and metal marking engraving parameter library number: main technical parameters: optical fiber laser marking machine working principle: optical fiber The laser marking machine is a modern laser marking machine independently developed using international advanced technology; the fiber laser uses a mirror-doped double-clad fiber as the laser medium and is pumped by a high-power multi-mode optical diode to generate laser light.

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine adopts fiber laser to output laser, and then through the computer control high-speed scanning galvanometer deflection to change the laser beam optical path to achieve automatic marking. Product features of fiber laser marking machine:-Nearly perfect marking quality: the laser mode of the fundamental mode provides excellent beam quality; the galvanometer-type high-precision marking head, the marking effect is fine and can be repeated processing; high The precise and meticulous spot guarantees the perfect marking result; the marking process is non-contact and the marking effect is; the larger marking speed of 8000mm/s improves the processing efficiency;-a wide range of application fields: can be easily integrated in the production line or work independently ; Suitable for marking on most metal and non-metal materials;-Flexible and convenient operating system: humanization of the operation process; special control software is compatible with various software output; can realize text symbols, graphic images, bar codes, two-dimensional Automatic arrangement and modification of code, serial number automatic increment, etc.; support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPG and other file formats, can directly use TTF font;-low operating and maintenance costs: long service life, stable performance and maintenance-free ; The equipment has good operating stability, 50,000 hours of maintenance-free; high electro-optical conversion rate, saving electricity costs; air-cooled system, title: laser fiber metal marking machine and food marking inkjet coding parameter library number: fiber laser marking The machine is a third-generation laser marking machine system developed by using the most advanced laser technology in the world today.

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