Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine adopts new sliding table device

by:Lxshow     2021-05-26

A full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine equipped with a new sliding table. It includes a base and a bed, as well as a drag chain, a supporting saw tooth, a beam layout, a cutting head assembly, and a feeding ball. The front and back of the bed are separately equipped Feeding balls and drag chains, continuous feeding serrations on drag chains, cross beam layout is arranged in the middle of the bed, cross beam layout is provided with slide rails, the cutting head assembly undergoes the sliding of the bottom slide block and continues on the slide rail, compared with the existing The laser cutting machine, which is suitable for the new display and adopts the new sliding table assembly, has a simple organization, and the various components are arranged in an orderly manner, which is convenient for general protection and management.

A special delay motor for automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including the motor body, one end of the motor body continuously has a motor invariant plate, and also includes a motor continuous plate and The motor constant plate is vertical, the top of the output end of the motor body remains on the constant plate of the motor, and the side end of the output end of the motor body remains on the motor continuous plate. The shaft of the motor body passes through the motor continuous plate and continues to the gear. The special delay motor suitable for the new type of exposure is specially used in the automatic fiber laser cutting machine. Each component example remains unchanged and continues in the same way. The wiring layout is reasonable, which is convenient to be installed on multiple different models of automatic fiber laser cutting machines for general protection.

A closed-type interchangeable table top automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including a front part-time station and a rear part-time station, between the front part-time station and the rear part-time station, the gear continues, The external receiving sheet metal of the front part-time table is closed and set to close the sheet metal. The front part-time table includes a machine tool and a cutting part-time table. The cutting part-time table is horizontally equipped with a beam layout, and the beam layout is equipped with a movable sliding table, which is on the movable sliding table. Equipped with a laser cutting head. The outer side of the closed sheet metal is equipped with a circuit control box and a laser transmitter. The laser transmitter continues to the laser cutting head. The outer side of the closed sheet metal is also equipped with a cutting control system. The moving slide includes a moving slide pulley. The machine negotiates a dust cover. The side of the machine tool of the front part-time station is equipped with a drive chain and a sliding track, and the drive chain is equipped with a responsive drive sprocket.

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