Flexible beam path of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-30

Digital signage exhibition area for automatic fiber laser cutting machine! Color and easy color colorful entertainment platform_ colorful entertainment platform 5785 colorful entertainment platform 1. W5: Indoor and outdoor digital CNC fiber laser cutting machine catalog 2. What kind of laser cutting machine to choose 2. Fiber laser technology 2. Laser generator 2. Manufacturing process 2. Numerical control and software 2. Safety device 2. Automation solution The choice of laser cutting machine is concise and clear comparison Carbon dioxide to fiber optic fiber laser cutting machine Carbon dioxide laser gas cutting machine Laser source mirror 5% carbon dioxide and other gases Maintenance cycle maintenance-free 3000 hours maintenance cost (estimated) No 10 yuan/hour laser device mirror (fiber) parallel turbine air compressor, discharge Tube, laser gas, optical lens, etc. Laser source life is 100,000 hours. Gas and components need to be replaced. Electricity consumption 10KW (4000W example) 40KW (4000W example) Preparation time does not require quasi-tone time, just turn it on 15 minutes of work, thick plate cutting, no advantage, faster thin plate cutting, faster, no advantage, cutting speed comparison, energy loss comparison, operating cost comparison, fiber laser technology 1. Vacuum diode module: light radiation to active fiber 2. Optical active fiber: with (mirror ) The fiber cores are connected in parallel. The optical excitation core 3. Transmission auxiliary fiber: the power combination is transmitted to the laser head together.

Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine fiber laser technology tube module diode does not use gas to generate laser light, each diode generates 30W energy module resonator module and fiber composed of group diodes One module is damaged and the other modules work as usual, which may affect the cutting speed. The advantage of the fiber laser cutting machine is that the flexible beam path significantly reduces power consumption. High-speed cutting, high output power, high cutting quality, small size, reliable resonator, these Do you have? Two mixed gas generation laser two mirrors two quartz tubes two electrodes two turbofans two maintenance costs two start-up preparation time two focus adjustment resonator two less than 70% power consumption two 300% increase in cutting speed two electro-optical conversion rate + 30% two fiber optic cables provide flexible line CNC fiber laser cutting machine CNC fiber laser cutting machine FiberBlade CNC fiber laser cutting machine One model features a high-end fiber laser developed based on more than 40 years of laser cutting machine research and development experience of the German Messer Group Cutting Machine. It adopts the world’s most mature and reliable double-sided rack and pinion drive technology and advanced production technology, and uses a large number of high-quality components, such as: the special CNC system Omniwin cutting programming software of Germany Messer; the cutting head and adjustment of Germany Precitec High system; German Beckhoff drive system; German Rexroth linear guide pair, German Alpha precision gear box and Swiss Giidel transmission rack; German lgus drag chain, German Rittel electronic control, etc.

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