Fiber laser cutting machine successively cut pipes

by:Lxshow     2021-06-17

The tube fiber laser cutting machine for cutting successively, including: a base; a self-rotating tube fixed on the top surface of the base, the fixed assembly of the tube includes a shaft that rotates around an intermediate axis and a shaft The coaxial configuration is used for the chuck of the invariable tube, the chuck is not fixed on the shaft and spreads symmetrically along the shaft; the laser cutting assembly is arranged on the side of the tube invariable assembly; and the chuck is arranged on the tube The driving system between variable assembly and laser cutting assembly to drive pipe rolling. This discovery has undergone the unchanging assembly of the tube with the configuration of the rotation type, and transfers the tube to the laser cutting assembly, and the drive system completes the rotation of the tube during the cutting process to complete the active continuous cutting of a large number of tubes, saving a lot of manpower and making progress. The obedience of cutting.

Carbon dioxide non-metal fiber laser cutting machine, including frame, sliding seat, placement seat, two driving screws, second driving screw, two screw nuts, second Screw nut, two motors, second motor, laser, positioning video head, control assembly, the frame is equipped with a cutting area, and the two driving screw rods are arranged on both sides of the cutting area along the length of the frame. The rod nut is divided and sleeved on the appearance of the drive screw, the two ends of the sliding seat and the screw nut remain unchanged, the two motor divisions and the drive screw drive continue and drive the drive screw to roll, the second drive screw is along the frame The degree of width deviation is arranged on the sliding seat, the second screw nut is sleeved on the appearance of the second drive screw, the placement seat is arranged on the sliding seat and is constant with the second screw nut, the second motor and the second transmission The screw drive continues and drives the second drive screw to roll, and the laser is unchanged on the seating seat.

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