Fiber laser cutting machine fiber laser technology

by:Lxshow     2021-07-08

Fiber laser cutting machine The quotation of fiber laser cutting machine adopts industrial robot to replace the five-axis machine tool. The overlap positioning accuracy of industrial robots is slightly lower than that of five-axis machine tools, about ±100uM, but it fully satisfies the accuracy requirements of the automotive sheet metal cage parts and chassis parts industry. The adoption of industrial robots has greatly reduced the cost of the system, reduced the price of the power consumption system, the price of system operation protection, and the system's footprint. The product connects the industry characteristics of automotive sheet metal cage parts and chassis parts, and uses the combination of industrial robots + fiber lasers for three-dimensional cutting. The total price of consumables is controlled within 20 yuan per hour. Replace the C02 laser with a fiber laser. Fiber laser technology is a laser technology developed at a high speed in recent years. Compared with ancient lasers, it has better cutting quality, lower system cost, longer application life, lower protection price, and lower power consumption. The laser of the fiber laser can undergo fiber transmission, which facilitates the continuity with industrial machinery and completes flexible processing. The operating procedures of the fiber laser cutting machine are strict. According to the laser starting method, the laser is started, the light is adjusted, and the workpiece is tried to be cut.

The operator of the fiber laser cutting machine must be trained, familiar with the cutting software, equipment layout, function, and grasp the common sense of the operating system. According to the delineation, wear protective equipment for the task, and you must wear protective eyes that symbolize the delineation in the vicinity of the laser beam. Operators should not leave the guard post privately when the equipment is activated, and stop the machine when it is definitely required to leave, and turn off the emergency stop button and enable it. Turn off the laser or shutter when not processing. Connect light cleaners, stimulate baldness, machine tools and surrounding fields, orderly, free of oil, workpieces, materials, and waste are placed neatly according to regulations. The gas tank application should strictly observe the gas tank supervision regulations. When opening the gas tank, the operator must stand on the side of the air outlet. When repairing, the high-pressure regulations must be strictly followed. Turn off the power and check the equipment for obstruction. Must strictly obey the fire safety regulations. Put the extinguisher within easy reach. When it is not clear whether a certain material can be irradiated or cut by laser, do not process it to save the potential dangers of smoke and steam. Be careful when using high and low quality materials to ensure personal safety. Boot step: total power. The stabilized power supply starts. (Check the average degree of the three-phase voltage) Open the cutting gas main valve. (Check if N2 and 02 are mixed) Turn on the water cooler. Check whether the water pressure is normal. (The water temperature of the laser is 25℃, the water temperature of the light and the cutting head is 28℃) The power supply (key switch) of the head bed starts the laser. The laser power is on. The operating software system is started, and the machine tool returns to zero. The sensor of the cutting head is calibrated automatically or manually, and the MDI function is implemented (voltage value is 9.8V).

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