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Fiber laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel and aluminum

Fiber laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel and aluminum


Metal is an emerging processing material in the advertising industry. The finished metal has a bright color, and it has a luxurious, delicate, and heavy feeling. Therefore, various gorgeous metal crafts, metal nameplates, and signs are becoming more and more common in society.

Fiber laser cutting machine has extremely fast cutting speed and high cutting accuracy. Double-sided drive enables smooth operation during cutting.

Automated fiber laser equipment can reduce costs and increase revenue. It does not require a large number of manual operations, and does not need a large number of old equipment that cannot keep up with the development of the times.

Compared with plasma cutting, the accuracy of plasma cutting is not high enough, and the cutting surface is rough. The characters cut by the plasma cutting machine also need to be manually polished for secondary processing, which is labor-intensive. Even some special processing cannot be completed, which requires manual operation. Defective scraps often occur, and the cost is difficult to control. The products delivered to customers are not refined enough, it is difficult to improve the product grade, and customer satisfaction is greatly reduced.

0.71mm stainless steel cutting edge
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0.96mm Alumnium cutting edge
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1.6mm stainless steel cutting edge

The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine are:

1.High cutting accuracy

Using high-precision laser cutting technology, cutting the surface of the material, and adding a pure auxiliary gas, can reflect the perfect cutting effect.

2. Non-contact processing

Fiber laser cutting machine can accurately cut curve patterns on acrylic, two-color plates and other materials. Since the laser cutting machine is a non-contact processing, the material will not be crushed, and the cut is smooth, so no secondary rework is required.

3. High flexibility

Fiber laser cutting machine has high flexibility and can process some complex graphics. This not only reduces the difficulty of processing products, but also increases the diversity of products. For advertising companies, laser cutting machines can not only increase the added value of products, but also reduce processing costs and increase additional profits.

High-quality laser cutting machine can make exquisite advertising signboards with high precision of cutting characters. It can be finished in one time without secondary processing. Cutting stainless steel characters can be used to make fine characters; in addition to cutting stainless steel plates, laser cutting machines can cut metal materials such as aluminum plates, and precision laser cutting machines can cut non-metal materials with fine cutting.

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