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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Stainless Steel

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Stainless Steel


Jinan Lingxiu Laser, as a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer, has been engaged in power manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, rail transportation, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, elevator manufacturing, food and food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, petroleum machinery, metal structures and specialized sheet metal Industries such as gold processing bring more or less value and benefits.

How much the optical fiber laser cutting machine costs depends on the stainless steel to be processed. The thickness and format of stainless steel are different, and the power and format of the laser cutting machine to be selected are naturally different. Generally, stainless steel below 1mm replaces 300W-800W laser cutting, and stainless steel larger than 5mm generally chooses 1000W-3000W power, and the more expensive the power is. The size of stainless steel and the size of the required machine tool are naturally more expensive.

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0.71mm stainless steel back
0.71mm stainless steel front
news-Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Stainless Steel-Lxshow-img                
1.6mm stainless steel back
news-Lxshow-Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Stainless Steel-img-1                
1.6mm stainless steel front

What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine:

1.Using high-rigidity heavy-duty machine tools to improve the stability of the entire machine tool and reduce vibration during high-speed cutting;

2.Gantry double drive structure, improve customer's production efficiency and increase output;

3.High-performance cast aluminum beams, through finite element analysis, to achieve high-acceleration arc cutting, which is a good speed and stability to upgrade again;

4.High rigidity reinforced welding bed, imported large-scale gantry precision milling, secondary annealing, effectively eliminating stress;

5.Professional laser cutting software, with graphics layout and scream smooth processing functions, can achieve high precision cutting;

6.Ultra-low operating costs, Sweden consumes only 3-4 degrees per hour, can blow air to cut various metal sheets



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