Feasibility study on the automatic loading and unloading system of fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-24

By analyzing the principle of the automatic loading and unloading system of the fiber laser cutting machine, a diagram of the automatic loading and unloading system using laser cutting tube is obtained, which reduces the intensity of labor, reduces the required labor equipment, and saves working time and Staff, reduced costs.

Technical analysis is carried out according to the key technical indicators of the feeding agency's plan for whole-bundle feeding, 8 hours unattended and automatic adjustment of feeding length.

(1) Formulate the overall plan. Status analysis: The feeding pipe is a seamless cold drawn rectangular pipe of 140×80×8, the pipe material is 16Mn, and the bundle state is 3×3, a total of 9 pieces are stacked; the ends are tied with flat metal ties; currently The operator needs to untie the cable tie in the incoming material storage area, and use the workshop bridge crane and the corresponding spreader to hoist a single rope to the equipment. The hoisting process needs to be safe for the equipment and can only be shut down. The single hoisting time is 2 min; The average pure processing time is 25 min; Scheme design: The following technical scheme is formulated according to the scheme goal and current situation analysis; The entire feeding mechanism is composed of a stock preparation library, a reclaiming three-axis robot, a conveying positioning device and a feeding device.

(2) The main points of the design of the feeding mechanism. Material storage design: According to the structure of the incoming materials and the average processing cycle, the capacity of the material storage is set to two bundles, namely 18; the material preparation method is hoisted in place by a crane twice, and it is required to be able to manually untie the tie after it is in place. It is necessary to leave a space for taking the cable tie to prevent it from being crushed and unable to take it out. At the same time, according to the reclaiming accuracy requirements of the reclaiming robot, the material preparation library must be neatly stacked.

Reclaiming robot: According to the overall layout of the feeding mechanism, the reclaiming robot adopts a three-plus-one-axis robot, which can realize the movement of X, Y, Z and X1 axes; each of the two sections of the stock library is designed one Reclaiming robot, the two robots work together to complete the movement of raw materials from the stock library to the conveying mechanism; the reclaiming method uses the X-axis pin hand mechanism to be inserted into the inner holes at both ends of the pipe, and the two robots cooperate to achieve grabbing; grabbing Then place the pipe on the conveying mechanism to complete the action. Conveying positioning device: The purpose of the conveying device is to transport the pipe from the stock storage end to the loading area of u200bu200bthe fiber laser cutting machine; and set the position and posture to ensure the correct position and posture of the pipe during loading. This device uses pneumatic Positioning to realize the correct position of the pipe; the roller conveying device is used to realize the conveying of the pipe in place;

Feeding device: The purpose of the mechanism is to transfer the pipe from the conveying device to the equipment body in a horizontal motion. Realize the loading and delivery of workpieces. For this action, a parallelogram transport mechanism is used. This mechanism is driven by a servo motor to realize the translation of the workpiece mechanism to achieve the purpose of transport. The process design details mainly take into account the cooperation with the machine tool to avoid interference and collision.

2 The design of the cutting mechanism scheme

(1) The formulation of the overall scheme. Status analysis: According to the processing capacity of the fiber laser cutting machine and the structural characteristics of the current processed products, the minimum length of the finished product after processing is 700 mm, and the larger length is 8000 mm; and the same length is divided into different holes due to different hole positions. Different parts; according to the minimum processing cycle, that is, the processing time for directly cutting the non-hole position is 1 min; the cycle of the feeding mechanism cannot be greater than 1 min; the plan design: the following technical plans are formulated according to the plan objectives and current situation analysis; the feeding mechanism adopts The quilting robot and the sorting rack are composed; because the length of each finished product is different, the length of the workpiece is recognized by sensor technology, and then sorted; for the workpiece of different length, the recognition and classification of the same component can be realized through communication with the machine tool or manual programming; The unloading of the whole machine adopts the quilting robot technology to grab and unload the material. The quilting robot mechanism can accurately place the classified workpieces on the sorting shelves.

(2) The design points of the cutting mechanism. Quilting robot device: according to the length of the finished product after processing is 700~8000 mm, the overall range is relatively large, and the weight of the larger workpiece is 200 kg. The quilting robot adopts a double gripper mechanism, and a single manipulator is used to hold 70 mm small workpieces; The minimum processing cycle of the finished part is 1 min; therefore, the unloading cycle of the quilting robot cannot be greater than 1 min.

3 Economic benefits of the automatic loading and unloading system of fiber laser cutting machine

The automatic loading and unloading system of fiber laser cutting machine has fewer procedures, high efficiency and low cost. The advantage of guaranteed quality occupies a place in the entire industrial market. Compared with other cutting machines, the automatic loading and unloading system of fiber laser cutting machines has great advantages in environmental protection, safety, and convenience. It has great advantages in processing and cutting production materials. It can be more used by people because the operation is not complicated and the procedures are not messy. In terms of efficiency and quality of machinery and equipment, it is one of the reasons why people prefer to choose the automatic loading and unloading system of fiber laser cutting machine.

The automatic loading and unloading system technology of fiber laser cutting machine has been used in many fields. In the era when artificial instruments were used, it was a time-consuming and laborious task. It consumes a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources. It also faces a higher price once it is reworked, and the quality may not be guaranteed during the cutting process. This is a big problem. However, with the advancement of science and technology, there is an automatic loading and unloading system for fiber laser cutting machines in cutting technology, which has made a great contribution to improving work efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring cutting accuracy and cutting quality. Role and value meaning.


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