Fast focusing device for laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-20

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine with fast focus assembly, including cutting laser column and cutting laser bald head, the cutting laser bald head is fixed at the bottom end of the cutting laser column, and the appearance of the cutting laser column is unchanged and the limited position is sleeved The outer surface of the cutting laser column under the limit ring is sleeved with a focusing mechanism; the focusing mechanism includes a main housing and a continuous ring, the continuous ring sleeves on the outer surface of the cutting laser column under the limit ring, and the main housing It is arranged at the bottom end of the continuous ring, the bottom end of the main shell is equipped with a chassis, the bottom end of the chassis is equipped with a light, and the bottom of the chassis on the side of the light is equipped with a small video head. This new type of experience is equipped with a series of layouts, so that the focus assembly can be easily installed and destroyed in the actual application process, and the accuracy of the installation can be improved, which is conducive to actual applications. Reach the target of fast and accurate focus.

The chip removal assembly and automatic fiber laser cutting machine chip removal equipment. Among them, the chip removal assembly includes a chip conveyor and a blanking mechanism, and the chip conveyor includes a chip for transporting waste The chain plate conveyor belt, the blanking mechanism includes a frame, a geometric blanking hopper and corresponding geometric blocking components. Each blanking hopper is configured above the chip conveyor through the frame, and the blanking hopper is provided with a device for guiding the waste to the conveyor belt. In the blanking cavity, the stopper component is arranged on the blanking hopper and is located on both sides of the conveying belt. This applicable new technology plan can effectively guard the chip conveyor, thereby improving the reliability of the chip conveyor application.

Laser nozzle assembly and automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The laser nozzle assembly includes the main body, the nozzle, the insulating sleeve, the capacitor inspection assembly and the side blowing assembly. The insulating sleeve is equipped with a through hole. One end of the insulating sleeve continues with the nozzle and the other end continues with the main body. The capacitor inspection assembly Contains contacts and wires, the contacts and wires are welded continuously, the contacts go through the conductor and the nozzle, the conductor is placed in the through hole of the insulating sleeve, the side blowing assembly is arranged on one side of the main body, and the blowing angle of the side blowing assembly is adjustable. . The capacitance inspection assembly connection for the new-type laser nozzle and automatic fiber laser cutting machine is not easy to fall off. The plasma cloud generated during the processing can also be effectively blown away, and the entire processing process is consolidated and efficient.

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