Even though strimmers have their advantages in

by:Lxshow     2020-08-13

More importantly, strimmers should not be used around young vegetation as the contraption's rapid cutting speed may kill the plants without being noticed as everything happens so quickly. Also, trying to use a strimmer to cut through tough branches and weeds can cause the monofilament lines in the machine to break. In addition to this, if the strimmer is being used at a very fast speed, there are chances that the monofilament line will contract under pressure and snap, thus causing a rupture in the strimmer.

On the bright side, there are various known safety measures that help overcome the risks involved with using a strimmer. Before starting up the strimmer, it is important to ensure that the cords are untangled so as to prevent any unnecessary accidents. After using the strimmer, it should be cleaned properly, as residue left on the cutting instruments can cause gum formation.

As in handling other heavy-duty gardening equipment, these commonsensical safety measures are also valuable. First, wear proper gardening gloves that are sufficiently thick, durable, and also able to provide a proper grip on the machine. Wear boots that have steel caps on the toes as the quick and sharp functioning of the lines can be harmful. Stay clear from the front of the machine while operating as it spits out branches, dirt clogs and other remains.

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