Environmentally friendly base for automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-15

Environmentally friendly automatic fiber laser cutting machine base, spread to the automatic fiber laser cutting machine technology platform. The base of the environmentally friendly automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes a base plate and a support leg at the bottom of the base plate. The base plate is equipped with an arrangement table that is effective for arranging the items to be cut. The arrangement table is equipped with a geometric arrangement plate for arranging the items to be cut. There is also a clearing mechanism around the table, which is used to clean up the waste flying above the base in the atmosphere. The clearing mechanism includes an adsorption chamber set around the arrangement table. A fan is installed in the adsorption chamber to generate convection in the adsorption chamber. There is also a filter element in the adsorption chamber that is effective in filtering the waste debris in the atmosphere, which can understand the large areas of waste generated during manufacturing, and spare the iron filings from flying in the air, which will affect the health of the operators. At the same time, it has its own sewage disposal system. , It can facilitate the disposal of cooling sewage, distinguish the waste in the cooling sewage from the sewage filtration, and punish the sewage so that it can reach the dischargeable standard and avoid the pollution.

An automatic fiber laser cutting machine with a robotic arm includes: a base, a sliding frame, an excited bald head, and a cutting table; the sliding frame is arranged on the base along the X axis Sliding; Exciting baldness is configured to slide along the Y axis on the sliding frame; the base is equipped with a cutting table; the base is also equipped with a sliding rail, a roller bracket for sluggish landing, and a telescopic frame; the sliding rail is configured on the base parallel to the X-axis double On the other hand, the telescopic frame and the slide rail continue to slide, one end of the telescopic frame apart from the slide rail is equipped with a robotic arm, and the base is parallel to the X-axis on both sides with roller supports for dull ups and downs. Compared with the prior art, the new applicable robot is arranged at one end of the telescopic frame that extends along the slide rail of the base, which solves the problem of the limited work interval of the robots installed on countless automatic fiber laser cutting machines.

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