Double working table of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-15

A dual part-time table of an automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which includes a frame, a part-time table, a second part-time table and a transmission mechanism; the part-time table and the second part-time table are divided and arranged at both ends of the frame; the transmission mechanism Contains a rotatable motor, a drum, a sprocket and a second drum. The drum and the second drum are all placed on the unified side of the frame; the drum and the second drum continue to the rotatable motor; the side end of the sprocket is equipped with a sprocket. A positioning block with a flat appearance. The positioning block is provided with a positioning hole and a positioning rivet perpendicular to the appearance of the sprocket, and a part-time table. The second part-time station has experienced the placement of rivets unchanged to the placement hole; the part-time station is placed on the top surface of the sprocket drum and the second drum, and the second part-time station is installed where the sprocket is located on the bottom surface of the drum and the second drum Below. This book is suitable for new-style operation and convenient, high part-time obedience, and has played a role in guarding part-time staff.

A smoke exhaust system of an automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which is installed on the dual part-time table of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The smoke exhaust system includes exhaust ducts and multiple Fans and multiple sensors; the exhaust duct is placed on the rack, and it is located under the part-time station and the second part-time station; the exhaust duct includes the main duct and multiple branch ducts connected to the main duct, and the main duct is placed in the part-time station Below the connection point between the platform and the second part-time platform; multiple branch pipes are placed under the part-time platform at equal intervals, and one of the pipes is placed under the part-time platform under the beam position; multiple fans are arranged symmetrically on the part-time platform Multiple sensors are arranged on the rack and close to the position of the fan, and the multiple sensors and multiple fans are evenly charged to the electrical cabinet of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The new type of application is simple in layout, easy to operate, it can complete the segmented ventilation, and the smoke exhaust result is good.

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