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Double-head guard shift cutting structure of fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-06-22

In the double-head guard cutting layout of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, the number of excited baldness grows into two, including: beam guide rail, slider one, slider two, excited baldness one, excited baldness two, motor one, motor two, The guide rail belt, the synchronous wheel, the direction changing wheel; the slider one and the slider two are assembled on the rail of the cross beam; the first and the second are divided and arranged on the slider one and the second slider; The first motor is continuous with the crossbeam guide; the second motor is placed on the second slide, and the guide belt, the synchronous wheel and the changer wheel continue to work part-time all the way; this new style overcomes the similar style in the figure when the single-head cutting needs It is difficult for a long time to experience two active bald heads on the beam guide to simultaneously cut the cloth, and can cut similar patterns of different positions, thereby improving cutting compliance.

Closed-type dual-domain bed automatic fiber laser cutting machine, spreading to the technical field of automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which includes a bottom plate, the upper appearance of the bottom plate goes through four supporting legs The lower appearance of the load board remains unchanged, and the lower appearance of the load board remains unchanged. There are two drive assemblies, and the two output shafts of the drive assembly do not change and continue to have rotating shafts. The rotating shafts are different from the drive assembly. One end of the output shaft remains unchanged and continuously has a take-up reel, and the exterior of the take-up reel is continuously surrounded by a traction rope. This closed-type dual-field automatic fiber laser cutting machine has experienced mutual cooperation among dual-axis motors, rotating shafts, take-up reels, traction ropes, bead plates, springs, sliding rods, sliding sleeves, protective covers and exhaust fans. In addition, the exhaust fan is allowed to work part-time to squeeze out the exhaust gas that occurs during cutting, and the exhaust gas is spared the contamination of the part-time staff's part-time situation, thereby creating a superior part-time situation, which is beneficial to the normal part-time work of the part-time staff.

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