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Direct Part Marking Identification (DPMI) is a

by:Lxshow     2020-05-14
Direct Part Marking is machine readable identification which is widely used in many industries to identify a variety of products. Nowadays manufactures are marking their products with machine readable codes which were marked permanently with two dimensional codes. Then the part can be tracked throughout its entire life cycle, including manufacturing and supply chain operations. Nowadays marking technologies has become too advanced and most of the markings are done with the help of Laser. Laser Marking is one of the most effective marking and can penetrate the hard substrate of Metals like Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, and Carbide etc. In industries clients required variety of markings even on smallest parts therefore it is very important that the laser system which we are applying for DPM process is should provide authentic marking and as direct part marking is 2-dimensional therefore it's very necessary that marking technology provides highly accurate dot placement at specific X/Y locations so that the marking are done accurately. Because of this the laser systems should designed and optimized for each customer or application. The powerful combination of laser technology and machine readable vision codes enables absolute product authentication. DPMI is being very helpful for the manufacturers as it is clever applications for new QR Codes on marketing materials verification. Direct part marking identification provides many benefits to manufactures some of them are as following: It helps to improve the performance of manufacturing process. Enables Unit Level tracking of the Product. It helps to identify defects in the products It is machine based process so it eliminates the manual errors. With the help of this we can get automated data collection It helps to increase your productivity It is widely used in the following some international industries as given below:
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