Design of robot palletizing system for fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-20

In recent years, fiber laser cutting machines have become more and more widely used in pipe processing due to their high speed, high precision, beautiful cross-section, and no need for secondary processing. In some production links, they have replaced traditional machinery such as drilling machines and sawing machines. equipment. With the continuous popularity of fiber laser cutting machines, some existing equipment still cannot meet the requirements of users for the degree of automation. Most equipment manufacturers can provide a fully functional automatic feeding mechanism, but for the unloading mechanism, due to the uncertainty of the user's final product, the unloading mechanism provided by most equipment manufacturers can only realize the simplest parts classification and stacking function, which requires manual labor. The secondary transfer and palletizing have a low degree of automation. For products with lighter weight and smaller volume, manual sorting is acceptable, but for the occasions where the weight of a single product is heavier, the efficiency of manual unloading and palletizing can no longer match the cutting production efficiency of the pipe cutting machine itself.

In view of the market demand, Jinan Foundry and Forging Institute has introduced a solution that uses robots to realize automatic feeding and palletizing.

The actual application scenario is as follows: A fiber laser cutting machine user purchased the FL809i series CNC fiber laser pipe cutting production line (hereinafter referred to as 'cutting pipeline') produced by Jinan Casting and Forging. The length of the main processing raw materials is not greater than For medium-thick pipes of 9000mm, rectangular cross-section, width and height within 120mm×120mm, and wall thickness of 3mm-6mm, the length of each product varies from 750mm to 2500mm, and the weight of a single piece is larger than 50kg. The original unloading mechanism is a slope-type material rack, and the workpiece slides down by its own gravity. The rack can only temporarily store a few products, and a dedicated person is required to be responsible for product transfer and palletizing. This article discusses the realization method of robot palletizing on this basis.

The original cutting mechanism of the laser cutting pipeline with mechanical structure, considering that the space on both sides of the actual equipment is not large enough, and the distance between the cutting area and the palletizing area is relatively long, so it is adopted A solution to drive the robot to move by an external servo axis was developed to make up for the problem caused by insufficient robot moving distance.

The robot model used is IRB6700-235/2.65 produced by ABB, with a heavier load of 235kg and a working radius of 2650mm. The asynchronous seven-axis is controlled by the original pipe cutting machine PLC, and the effective moving distance is 2800mm; the holder is an electric permanent magnet holder, with a holding surface size of 100mm×150mm, and a single larger load of 50kg. This system uses four suction devices of the same type. Holder. The holder used here is a short-time work system. After excitation/demagnetization, it is in a voltage-free state and can be kept in a magnetic and non-magnetic state for a long time. Its reliability and safety are better than traditional electromagnets. After the robot palletizing equipment is added, although the overall structure of the permanent magnet holder has higher safety performance, in order to ensure safety, avoid the failure of suction/discharge due to the failure of excitation/demagnetization under unexpected circumstances, or the failure of the collision accident. Falling, the system is equipped with an anti-dropping detection device. When the sucker is not sucking material, the proximity switch does not detect the detection rod. When the sucker is in the state of sucking material, the proximity switch can detect the detection rod. Based on this, the system can judge whether the material suction/discharge is successful or a material drop accident occurs.

The characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine, in addition to high efficiency and low cost, it has more advantages.

(1) High processing accuracy, low noise;

(2) High reliability, good accuracy maintenance, Convenient maintenance;

(3) Good energy saving effect. Using the cutter to rotate, the pipe does not move, which saves the power required for pipe rotation;

(4) High efficiency and low operating cost. The cutting method adopts multi-tool simultaneous processing, which has high processing efficiency and low tool consumption; (5) The control system of the fiber laser cutting machine adopts a motion control platform based on industrial Ethernet, which is automated High degree, strong control function, fully realize the production automation of steel pipe cutting and processing.


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