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Design ideas and key points of sheet metal structure of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-26

With the advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of the laser industry, the manufacturing industry's requirements for 'intelligence, intelligent manufacturing' are becoming stronger. The automatic fiber laser cutting machine is also playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing industry, so we need to study in depth the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, flexibly use and create higher production value. Full-mask automatic fiber laser cutting machine There are many types of outer-shield automatic fiber laser cutting machine. Now choose one of them-the sheet metal structure design of the full-mask cutting machine for step-by-step analysis. There are many advantages of the full cover sheet metal structure. With the gradual development of modern industry, more and more people are concerned about the impact of industrial production on the environment and the working environment of the workshop. According to international safety standards, laser hazard levels are divided into four levels. Fiber lasers are more harmful to the human body, especially eyes, because of their short wavelength. For safety reasons, fiber laser processing requires a completely enclosed environment, so safety, efficiency, and cleanliness are the goals we have been pursuing. The full cover, as the name implies, is a sheet metal structure that seals the entire working area of u200bu200bthe automatic fiber laser cutting machine through a sheet metal cover, so as to achieve a form of sheet metal structure that isolates harmful factors such as laser and dust.

Design ideas and key points of sheet metal structure of automatic fiber laser cutting machine. First, analyze the external modeling, make partial parts according to different colors and different materials as a whole, and reflect the local design points by conceiving the form of sheet metal structure. Then further analysis is carried out for the overall sheet metal installation, considering its installation location and installation form, in principle, the modeling and sheet metal structural design are completed under the premise of satisfying the function. On the system test platform, the specific functions and performance indicators of the system are tested in detail. After setting the laser cutting parameters (laser focus position parameter is set to 1mm), the system executes the zero return operation to make the cutting head at a high place, press the data calibration button, the system performs automatic calibration; after the calibration is completed, the system receives the machine tool motion control card sent The focus position will be adjusted automatically after the following signal comes. In order to facilitate the quantitative analysis of the system control effect, an analog voltage signal proportional to the focus position value is output through the main control DSP, and the signal is appropriately amplified by an operational amplifier before being connected to the oscilloscope for observation. During the test, it is mainly to observe the system response speed and following stability under the step signal input. After actual cutting and oscilloscope waveform observation, the measurement accuracy of the system is very high, the deviation is less than 0.05mm, the accuracy of focus distance control has also reached 0.1mm, and the system is activated when two AC servo motors are activated to simulate electromagnetic interference. It is still possible to disassemble each partial design element to form a design idea that is broken one by one, from the whole to the details, and then from the details to the whole cyclical consideration

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