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Decorate with giant paper flowers for Mother\'s Day and more

by:Lxshow     2020-02-23
Of course, one of the roots hidden in the vase looks beautiful, right next to the breakfast in the bed, but why not use long in this Mother\'s Day
At this time of year, there are still very few long-lasting huge paper flowers where I live, flowers that can illuminate the whole room, but paper flowers do not know the season and do not wither.
Large size they greatly improve the impact, in fact they are easier to manufacture than small size --
Small petals bloom beautifully.
According to the color and design, huge flowers can be used for gorgeous backgrounds such as wedding, shower, nursery decoration, etc.
I even found tutorials for making stems that allow flowers to stand up on their own, although I decided to skip this for the time being and focus on sticking them on the wall.
I tested three different ways to make super large flowers hanging on the wall.
While these techniques are similar, each produces flowers about 16 inch wide, the biggest difference is the material: wrinkled paper, card paper, and paper towels.
Here\'s what I found out, the ratings for each method are from 1 to 10, 10 indicating the cheapest, simplest and best results: a few years ago, before I tried to make a few small paper flowers, my experience with wrinkled paper is limited to those cheap ribbons that you hang for your children\'s birthday party.
This is a different product with a great thickness and elasticity.
I followed a tutorial on the website of the business craft company that uses crumpled paper, glue and firm paper trays. The easy-to-
Cut the simple petal shape from the double layer wrinkle paper as required by the instructions, then gather the bottom together and glue together to form a double layer petal.
While I think it would be easier to use stapler instead of glue at this step, it\'s not difficult, it\'s just time consuming.
The petals are formed by gently pulling the paper into a cup shape and then layering onto the plate.
The center of the flower features smaller wrinkled paper, which is arranged more randomly, and the center features tassel pieces of contrasting colors.
When I finished my flower, I was surprised to see that nearly an hour had passed, but I hope that if I do more, I will speed it up because I will not stop to watch the video of each step.
The result was my favorite and I showed everyone that I agreed.
However, this is not the cheapest.
It took a whole 20-inch by 8-
Spend about $3 for one flower. 50.
Cost: 6 Easy: 8 results: 9-—
Shopermaker website is a rich website for making inspiration, especially paper flowers made with cards.
I chose the \"huge Winter Rose\" tutorial as it is very similar to the other flowers I tried, but the site also has instructions for other roses, sunflowers, peonies, etc.
This technique involves cutting individual petals and sticking them to a round cardstock base.
I used my silhouette cutter, but the Cricut machine works as well, and so is the manual tracking and cutting free templates.
In addition to the internal die, I think Manual
Cutting will be faster as it took me about 40 minutes to cut out all the different parts with my machine.
Then, roll the edges with a spoon handle or similar object to shape each petal.
The actual assembly is faster than I thought, although it\'s a bit tricky to keep the circle round, my flowers look sharper than the examples shown on the site.
Even though the flowers I made don\'t have a particularly \"realistic\" because they are big in size, the stiffness and smooth texture of the card definitely gives this version a more stylized look.
I found a pack of cards for sale in my local crafts store, so even though it cost about 18, the cost of the material for one is less than $2, assuming you already have a cutting machine or are willing to cut the petals by hand, it will be a more affordable option.
Cost: 7 Easy: 6 results: 7-—
The paper towel flower the third flower I made was inspired by the decoration website Design Sponge, a giant paper towel flower made by a clothing company for its advertising.
Although instructions for making stems also include keeping flowers upright, I am limited to flowers only.
This tutorial is the least detailed of the three tutorials, as it does not provide information on petal size or how much to cut.
This means I have to guess based on the photos, which is a bit frustrating.
Unlike the other two techniques that start with external petals and build inward, this technique starts by grabbing the internal petals like a bouquet and then tying them together.
The larger petals then gather around this string and are fixed with more tape until the desired fullness is reached.
I start with the petals, the smallest petals are about 9 inch high, and the largest petals are about 14 inch high.
Collecting the petals together and pasting the tape is a bit clunky and my flowers are not as ethereal as the example shown on the website.
But the paper towels it may use are worth less than a dollar, making it the most affordable option.
Since it also does not involve hot glue, this is also the easiest way to try with children.
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