Debris collection device of laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-20

The chip network assembly of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine includes a cutting table. The upper end of the cutting table does not have a clamping table, and the upper end of the clamping table is equipped with a movable laser cutter. The clamping The table is provided with a clamping cavity that runs through the end surface of the clamping table and is penetrated by the pipe. The clamping table is provided with a clamping mechanism that can clamp the pipe and can mobilize the rolling and translation of the pipe. The clamping table There is also a drive mechanism for driving the assembly operation. The cutting table is also provided with a network cavity with upward teeth. The network cavity is equipped with a network block capable of network debris. This assembly is installed after each pipe rolling, Actively clean out the laser cutting debris left in the pipe, so as to avoid the impact of the debris on the cutting when the pipe is cut again, thereby ensuring the quality of the cutting, and the cutting debris is networked by the network block network, and after the cutting is realized , There is no need to manually clean up the debris scattered on the upper side of the cutting table, thereby saving labor.

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine for cutting special-shaped films, including the unwinding roller used to arrange the film turntable, the tensioning roller that cooperates with the unwinding roller, and the tensioning roller The second tension roller of the roll joint operation, the layout of the film feed roller joint with the second tension roller, the part-time table jointed with the film feed roller layout, the laser cutting layout of the continuous part-time table, the winding roller and drive jointed with the part-time table The winding motor for the winding roller to roll; the laser cutting layout includes a frame, a laser arranged on the frame and used for emitting laser, a mirror assembly with the laser, and a second mirror assembly with the mirror assembly , The third reflector assembly that cooperates with the second reflector assembly, the focusing mirror assembly that cooperates with the third reflector assembly, 2 rodless cylinders and the second rodless cylinder. The new model adopts the above layout, which can save the secondary support assembly and reduce the volume of the equipment; it can completely and independently master the cutting path.

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