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Cutting gap of fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-06-23

Digital signage exhibition area for fiber laser cutting machine! HYPERLINKlqicaiyulepingtai1436.htmlTk color and easy color colorful entertainment platform_七彩娱乐平台Login 5785 No. W5-D44)oW4: display equipment, watch the colorful entertainment platform login. Sheets, luminous characters, light boxes, bending machines, welding machines and other products • W3: Learn welding machines. Signage, optical fiber cutting machine, Lecai Ultra-1601 and other digital photo advertising equipment! eW2: Watch the colorful entertainment platform login. Indoor and outdoor printing equipment and digital printing consumables and other products 300W fiber laser cutting machine applications and advantages 300W fiber laser cutting machine is thin metal sheet metal processing, high-speed metal marking No. 135 Yixian Road, Shanghai Tel: 021 Main application of optical fiber Laser cutting technology is superior to CO laser cutting machine in terms of speed and transportation cost in -6mm metal cutting. With the continuous pursuit of lightweight and miniaturization, metal sheets smaller than 2mm are used in the production of structural parts, sheet metal parts and connectors, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, lightweight chassis and small containers, and metal office furniture And many other daily utensils. To this end, Tianxing Laser has specially developed a low-cost, high-reliability 300W fiber laser, so that small and medium metal processing companies can also use fiber laser cutting machines.

Fiber laser cutting machine 300W fiber laser can also be used for: metal welding, metalwelding, ceramic cutting and scribing, Ceramicscribing and cutting, rapid prototyping, advantages of Micromachining fiber laser cutting machine, 1. Laser cutting machine is not Contact optical thermal processing is known as a tool that never wears.' The workpiece can be tightly arranged or cut in any form to make full use of the raw materials. 2. High cutting and small thermal deformation. Because it is non-contact processing, after processing There is no deformation of the parts, and no secondary polishing treatment is required. 3. The efficiency of fiber laser cutting is high. Taking 1mm thick sheet as an example, the cutting speed can reach 40m/min. The high efficiency makes the cost of a single piece of processing into a geometric progression Lower or even lower than the traditional processing method. 4. Fiber laser cutting does not need tools and molds. Under computer control, it can directly realize the flexible processing of two-dimensional and three-dimensional board and shell parts of any shape. Especially suitable for The variety of cases in the research and development stage of new products and the processing of small batches of sheet metal parts can save expensive mold design and manufacturing costs, which greatly shortens the production cycle. The incision of fiber laser cutting is generally 0.15- 0.4mm.

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