Cutting efficiency of automatic fiber laser cutting

by:Lxshow     2021-05-13

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine tool is slightly lower, about ±100uM, but it can fully meet the precision requirements of the automotive metal cover and bottom removal industry. The use of industrial robots has high cutting efficiency, which is equivalent to driving a five-axis laser The cutting speed of the cutting machine is twice as fast, which greatly reduces the cost of the system, reduces the cost of power consumption and system operation and maintenance, and reduces the area of u200bu200bthe system. Lower system cost: longer service life and lower Maintenance costs, lower power consumption. The key is that the laser of the fiber laser can be transmitted through the fiber and easily connected with the industrial machine to realize flexible processing. The process flow is shortened, the labor cost and investment are reduced, and the product grade and product are improved. The use of Las MAN special laser software supports direct generation of cutting trajectories through digital and analog, abandoning complicated manual teaching, and more suitable for small batch and multi-batch maintenance market, new product trial production and non-standard customization. In addition, the investment in high-flexibility and high-efficiency laser cutting equipment can replace expensive stamping equipment and cutting equipment, which can change products more flexibly. Grasp the market. The technical advantages of the three-dimensional cutting system: 1. Because of the use of the industry Stäubli manipulator with higher precision, lighter body and fast cutting speed. It has fine cutting of small arcs and high-speed cutting of large edges. 4. Offline programming software can be selected according to actual needs, which can read UG.SOL.ID Vda, igs, x_t, sld prt, prt, stp, ipt, par exported by 3D drawing software such as WORK have obvious advantages.

The actual cutting speed of automatic fiber laser cutting can reach 18 m/min without jitter. The comprehensive processing effect is twice that of other brand manipulators. It is cost-effective and can save a set of consumables and labor. In the later period, you can add less equipment to meet the production requirements. It can also work continuously for 24 hours. One-time investment is relatively small. In a short depreciation period (two shifts of 8 hours), Stäubli Robot Laser Solution The investment can be recovered. At the same time, low energy consumption, small size, low maintenance requirements. 2. High cutting accuracy. Using Stäubli's patented gear reduction system JCS and JCM, the drive technology ensures unmatched trajectory control accuracy and speed. That is the requirement Very high small circles, or complex three-dimensional ones. The processing of any graphics can also be completed with quick connection, thereby improving the quality of your products. The system repeat positioning accuracy is up to ±0.05M, which can fully meet the precision requirements of the sheet metal industry.

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